Shoot!Shoot!Shoot! That’s what all you have to do. Zombies have taken over the city creating chaos and destruction. The deadly creatures are all over the town. Kill them before they harm you! Moreover, be a hero and save people who can become a victim of this lethal trap with Zombie Shoot: Pandemic Survivor created by JOYNOWSTUDIO.


A very deadly virus has leaked from a secret laboratory, resulting in a plague killing dozens of people. Turned into zombies, these people are out to harm you. So, destroy them before they hurt you and save others from becoming a victim of this plague. Do what you can! Play the role of a real hero and savior who will kill the zombies and safeguard the people.

Featuring dark, mysterious landscapes filled with horror and fear will definitely bring out the warrior within you. Feel empowered by killing the zombies and experience the adrenaline rush. The zombies are all over the town creating havoc.

To keep you engaged, the developers have created different types of zombies. Infected Civilian, Dead Corpse from grave, Corrosion zombies, Giant zombies and the giant deadly spiders. All of them will try to kill you in various ways! So, save yourself.


Survive the unavoidable threat to the city. You are the master! you are the hero! Now its all up to you! With access to all sorts of weaponry, devastate the enemy. Use grenades to harm or retard zombies performance, these fighting skills can help you survive.

The sound effects in addition, would add to the dramatic and intense effect. Its scary but engrossing and addictive. Just like a horror movie, which keeps you hooked till the last second.


Explore plenty of different places and maps. Moreover, at your disposal are different types of guns available. From Assault rife, handgun, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher and even Flamethrower to more.

The action packed game will keep you on the edge with its realistic gameplay. Feel the agitation and teeth grinding, because surely its really that real. Also, use power fire to satisfy the sense of  victory within. You can not trust anyone, but your guns and grenades.

The control systems are simple with a dual thumb touch configuration. They control your movement and shooting. In addition, some events and levels have valuable goods, collecting them will help you move on to the higher levels.

Download Zombie Shoot: Pandemic Survivor from Google Play store on your smartphones and give it a try! Warning, its simply irresistible! So, enter at your own risk.


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