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Hello Gamers! Have you heard about the Tactical JRPG game by GAMKIN, Inc. that has brought a great strategic experience coupled with a gameplay that requires you to work twice as hard? I hope you do as this turn-based tactical game X-Tactics has got an update bringing a new agent, Mysterious Surgeon Neumann, to add in your team.

Interestingly, the game thrives to let you experience great adventures with a nail-biting journey that will blow your mind away.

X-Tactics: A Little Insight to the Gameplay

As already mentioned, the game is crammed with best JRPG features that are based on a commendable tactical and strategic gameplay. The game, primarily, supports turn-based fighting mechanism that is amalgamated with exciting real-time puzzle experience.

Moreover, the battlefield conditions in the game can get affected by the real world locations and time, so there’s an element of surprise for you. Additionally, the characters installed in the game are extremely powerful and unique, having inspiring abilities. The hundreds of exhilarating mission that are infused in the game are a simple treat; where you can take benefit of PvP mode and play with friends.

What’s exciting is that the game is available totally for free on the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes with no in-app purchases for real money; instead, you only have to use in-game currency to make any purchases. How convenient is that!

Nevertheless, read the full Review on X-Tactics and don’t forget to check out the reviews of your favorite Strategy Games on our site. Have Fun!

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