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Warriors, gear up, get your ammunition ready and dive straight into the battlefield as it’s time to lead your troops to victory with World War Heroes! WWII is all about tactics and teamwork. The game created by Game Development Ltd. features dynamic online battles inspired by the real life events of World War II.

With the latest Action shooter out on the store, we could hardly wait, so here we are with the game review. Without wasting any more time, shall we begin? The answer is YES!

World War Heroes Gameplay & Walkthrough!

The gameplay is relatively simple than most battle games, but thoroughly entertaining with realistic graphics. Teams fight for domination against each other and the team with the most points at the end of the round wins.

Fine Game Controls!

The game controls are pretty smooth, and easy to grasp. Swipe your right finger on the right part of the screen to look around. Swipe your left finger on the left joystick to move. To get better hang of the controls, follow the game tutorial as the game takes you to a descriptive tutorial.

To hit the target, just point at it and the weapon will shoot automatically. When you have little ammo, touch the weapon icon to reload. Use the aim button and hit the target in aiming mode. In aiming mode, the weapon shoots more accurately. To exit the aiming mode, you can use the sight button.

Hit the target using the grenade button. Besides hitting the enemy on foot, you can also hop on battle vehicles to eliminate the enemy. Find a tank and hop on it to destroy the enemy whilst staying safe.

Buy, Equip, change, and repeat!

Buy, Equip, change, repeat – In the Equipment section of the game, you can buy, equip, and change different weapons and equipment. Besides the guns that you are going to use to wipe out the enemy, you can also equip additional guns, knives, grenades, med kits, body armors, and headwear.

Hop on the battle vehicles and drive away!

Heavy or Light – Choose any battle vehicle you want.  The vehicles can be chosen from different countries like USA, Russia, Japan, and Germany. Hop on any vehicle you see, and outcast the other players.

With the weapon collection as good as this, you must shine!

Assault rifles, snipers, machine guns, grenades – what would you rather use to annihilate the enemy? With over 30 kinds of weapons, the options are endless. Initially, your primary weapon in the game is an M3 but you can also choose and unlock other secondary weapons as well.

Once you have successfully bought different weapons, you can also upgrade them. But to upgrade, you need upgrade points. Earn different upgrade points and make your ammunition more lethal.

Free stuff in the chests!

In the main menu of the game, click the chest button and you will get randomly selected items. You can check the chests after finishing each round of the game. Furthermore, a free chest is available after every 4 hours in the game so watch out for all these rewards. Spend some gold to get premium chests like Golden Chest and Legendary Weapon Chest.

Plenty of game modes, plenty of options!

From hardcore, to death match, to team battle – play the game by your own rules. In the Hardcore Mode, the stakes are higher than before. The game gets more realistic in this game, but it increases the damage as well.

In the Deathmatch mode, you fight freely for yourself and the player with higher score at the end wins. Team Deathmatch is quite similar except the teams fight for dominance here. Other exciting game modes are Bomb mode, Team Squad, Team Battle, and Custom Modes.

Join the clan!

Join clans with other players to knock the enemy dead together with your squad. Invite all your friends to form a deadly squad together.

World War Heroes takes you on a beautiful journey that is expressed in an even more beautiful way with the realistic graphics. The game details are enchanting and keep you driven to explore more and more of the battlefield.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the game from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now, and start battling! If you love Action games generally, why don’t you head over to our website to find the Best Action games out there?

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