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Eirudy, an innocent witch, is all alone in the wilderness holding many enemies and dangerous creatures that are ready to kill her. The warriors are after her as they presume her to be a danger to the society. However, she is not at all evil and strives only to reach a peaceful place to live in a world created in WitchSpring3. So, make sure that you assist her in her quest and lead her to the light where she belongs.

The game was launched by Kiwiwalks and is a sequel to the franchise WitchSpring. Just like its predecessors, WitchSpring3 brings an incredible role-playing gameplay that has a captivating story of a witch who needs assistance in fighting turn based battles. Apart from attention-grabbing storyline, the game has improved in almost every aspect. The enhanced graphics, well crafted maps provide a stunning experience.

WitchSpring3 gameplay

WitchSpring3 Gameplay

This game exhibits a far-fetched ROLE-PLAYING mechanism. The daily tasks and missions are presented to you in the game. All you need to do is go out of the house and into the forest to fulfill your requirements. Follow the arrows on the field, teleport to the right place, complete your mission and come back.

On account of that, you need many life-sustaining items to survive in the woods. Nevertheless, you can avail them from various weird and unique creatures, roaming around in the forest. Take the energy from them and use it to sustain longer in WitchSpring3.

Health & Mana Points

These creatures are not friendly. So, to consume their vitality you have to fight them in one on one battle and kill them to raise your HP and MP. Moreover, defeat the enemy to recharge the Soul Stone and collect many sparkling items. Reach these items and choose to consume them directly or mix them together to craft something more powerful. Book of magic is your friend here!

WitchSpring3 weapons

Not to forget, you can always opt to either fight the foe or dodge it. Analyzing on the basis of enemy’s strength and power, decide if you are strong enough to go in fierce battle with him. This is where your strategic tactics come under spotlight.

Turn Base Combats

The TURN-BASE COMBATS are quite exhilarating. When you come face to face with the foe, the weapons options linger on the screen; sword, magic, wand and doll etc. It’s entirely up to you to decide your weapon of attack and bring it to the center and activate it. Remember! The human warriors are also your enemy. So, keep your eyes open.

WitchSpring3 home

Summon the Dolls

Most exciting feature is the summoning of DOLLS. Summon any doll of your choice from the collection that Eirudy possesses and take its help in retaining your HP and also in fighting the dangerous enemy. You can appoint one doll at a time in any battle you want and can use up to three dolls throughout the battle. So, be wise to use them on the right time.

Various Chapters to Look out for

Befitting enough! The game is divided into various chapters. By Completing multiple necessary and dangerous tasks and missions you will be able to unlock many further chapters in the game. Furthermore, you can choose to load a new story each time you open WitchSpring3 or opt to launch the moment from where you left off. The choice is yours!

Upgrade your Character

The most exciting part is the training of your character. You can train Eirudy and equip her with various skills. Allot each day of the week for training, teach them new skills and use them all next time on the battle field.

WitchSpring3 training

Graphics & Controls

Graphics! The 3D visuals in the game are much appreciated by all. The over head view and fierce battles to witness are just sleekly presented and are fit for a game like this. Moreover, the Controls are something that concerns me the most in any game. As far as this game is concerned, the apt control over the character is quite slick and smooth. You can move the character without withholding any trouble. So, thumbs up to both graphics and controls.

So, without further ado visit Google Play Store and download the game for $ 4.4 with, absolutely, zero additional in-app payments. Moreover, OXiDroid has covered multiple other RPG games, so do check them out as well.

Be Eirudy and stay strong!

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