Will Hero is Available on Android

Well Well Well! Look at what ZPLAY Games got for you this time; an action arcade platformer game with some top-notch gameplay features.  Will Hero is available on Android now and it is one of the most exciting, interesting and fun games that I have played in a long time. I am already a fan!

Will Hero – A Little Insight of the Gameplay

The gameplay is filled with extensive option, not only you are a part of some action packed fights, but also you are a part of an arcade journey that is mixed with a platformer adventure, who thought of that! Being a Hero you must save the Princess and do whatever it takes to get her freedom.

If you think you just have to run and move from one pit to another then you are mistaken; there are plenty of help that you will get in the form of various weapons and skills. Master the use of sword, use bombs, knives and axes along with kicking down the enemy and win each level. I say, there is tremendous fun available in the game, for sure!

So, read out the Full Review of Will Hero along with Downloading the game from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and also find more Arcade Games on OxiDroid.

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