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Playing simple yet complex games is my favorite thing to do. Any game that withholds a simple gameplay grabs my attention; however, then what I am mostly concerned about is the depth it provides. Serving what I most love, ZPLAY Games games have launched an Arcade game with the name Will Hero.

It is enticing game that is mixed up with many other handy features in it. Action and adventure is one thing that is amalgamated in this amazing game, also the game possess a platformer expedition where there are many obstacles, hurdles and hindrances blocking your way and you have to overcome each of them to complete the level.

 Definitely, the game bears a lot of fun and entertainment in it so it surely deserves to be explored in-depth. So, let’s start!

Will Hero – Gameplay & Walkthrough

Will Hero – Gaming Mechanism

Overall, the gameplay has satisfied me enough to keep on playing it for a long time. The mixture of many exciting features makes Will Hero a totally a new kind of adventure. Although, the basics of this game is developed upon arcade adventures but it is also infused with some action packed fights with enemy and the twist of a platformer game.

The mechanism of the game is quite simple and easy; like any other platformer adventure you have to move from one platform to another and have to save yourself from falling down and from even touching the enemy.

Moreover, to make this game filled with action, you have to kill or destroy your enemy and clear out your way so that you can easily move ahead in the game. Will Hero comes under an arcade game because all the basic mechanism of the game is developed upon its rules. So, this amalgam is definitely welcomed.

Treasure Chest – Get Helmets and Weapons

Just like any good game, Will Hero also doesn’t leave you alone when it comes to proceed ahead in the game. There are many items and inventories available in the game like; various kinds of helmets and weapons that will boost up the whole gaming process. Along the way you will notice that there are many treasure chests available in the game that needs unlocking. Unlock these chests and get yourself many beneficial items, yay.

Although, the game seems quote easy to play but what is most surprising is that it is quite complicated to move ahead. The enemy Orc blocking your way is dangerous so for that purpose many knives, bombs and various other items are given to you in the game to fight them easily.

In addition there are many intimidating helmets that you can get such as; knight, prince, crusader, viking, dragon; and cute: Cat, Dog, Unicorn, Panda, Raccoon, Chicken and Hog. Also there are many types of Axes, knives and hefty kicks that you can use to sway the enemy away from your way. Interestingly, the options are immense!

What’s the Story about?

The story in the game is simple and to be honest quite cute. There are boss battles at the end of each level which you must fight and win to save the cute little princess. Isn’t that sweet? Well I found it extremely fascinating so definitely a thumbs up for me.

Tower Level & Quests

Once you reach a certain level in the game, Tower and Quests open for you to explore. Keep on winning the game an unlock tower levels to create your very own tower in the game. Also, you need t upgrade these levels against the starts that you earn and try to unlock many more adventures for you.

In addition, the specific quests in the game make this game more exciting and entertainment to play. I just loved the simple yet quite fun gameplay of Will Hero.

Earn Stars, Crowns and Coins

 Keep your focus uptight as not only that you must move forward but you must also collect stars, crowns and coins in that game to use them to get many other needed items for your inventory. Not only that you can buy helmets, weapons with these but you also need them for upgrading and also to unlock chests and of course to buy second chance in the game.

The Smooth Graphics and Easy Controls

There is no doubt that the visuals of Will Hero are tremendously attractive. They are cute and smooth and definitely provide visual solace to anybody who plays the game, simply amazing. Moreover, the controls of the game are what make the game easiest; all you need to do is tap tap tap and there you go the work is done.

The only downside to the game was that the character moves so swiftly that sometimes to miss the spots that you need to hit along with the issue that there are very less variety of weapons present in the game.

However, if you want to download Will Hero then you must visit Google Play Store or Apple App Store and make sure you keep on visiting our site to know more about the Recently Released Games.

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