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Whatsapp is arguably the fastest growing communication app we have ever known. As of writing this article, at least half of the world population is actively using the application. So, with the app reaching the peaks of success, the developers have decided to come up with a new application to boost E-commerce. Yes, you heard that right. Whatsapp Business is out for Beta testing now!

A business profile to save you the hassle!

So, if you are a small to medium enterprise struggling to juggle your business, and personal live, this app might be your savior. Whatsapp Inc. just made things easier for you in Whatsapp Business by letting you manage separate accounts for personal and business use. I am sure we all can relate to the hassle we go through merely because of receiving business calls on your personal number. Whatsapp just saved you that hassle by creating a separate app for all the businesspersons out there, so let’s jump straight to the app now!

So, how does it work?

Whatsapp Business facilitates you to have a distinct business profile, so you can communicate more efficiently with your clients, and grow your business. A business profile will not only allow you to maintain records better hence providing better services, but it will also save your customers the hassle of getting valuable information.

Whatsapp Business Features

Let’s talk about what’s in the app for you. In the first look, the app looks exactly like Whatsapp Messenger except for the fact that it features a “B” in the app logo. There are tabs for Chats, Status, and Calls – like the standard ones. However, heading over to the App Settings, you will notice the Business Settings, and Statistics.

Unlike what I had hoped for, Statistics feature is not like the analytics, and it merely tells you about the number of messages sent, delivered etc. On the other hand, the App Settings let you create a separate business profile, where you can put up the name of your business, whether it’s verified as yet or not, a description of your business, and other data that you might want to let your customers know.

The app also allows you to choose the category for your business from an extensive list where you can choose the closest description, or else just choose “Others” if none of them fit. But the most interesting thing about the Whatsapp Business app is yet to be discussed so let’s jump to that.

The Away Messages feature!

The Away Messages feature is hands down my favorite feature of this app. Away Messages are automated responses sent to anyone trying to reach you out when you are unavailable.  Set them to On, Off or Scheduled depending on your availability or liking.

Connect it with your landline!

The interesting part here is that you can even connect your Whatsapp Business account with a landline or a fixed phone to engage with your customers. The only thing you have to do differently is to choose the “Call me” option to get the code during the verification, when you are setting the account up.

Two Accounts, Two Phone Numbers, One Phone!

The highlight? You can use Whatsapp Messenger and Whatsapp Business on the same device. However, you need to ensure that you are using both accounts with different numbers. Moreover, you can be more responsive to your customers by using Whatsapp Business from your web browser.

Final Words on the App!

As someone who does not have to deal with people excessively for work, or business, I can’t pass judgment here on how much is it going to help the business people around the world, However, I like what I see, and what it offers so far.

You cannot download the app right now as it’s still in the Beta testing phase, but you will be able to grab it as soon as it’s available from Google Play Store. Hurry, now!

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