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Welcome to Delos, it’s time to take control! Build your own robotic theme park, create your own hyper-realistic robots, and take control of Westworld in the latest simulation game based on the popular HBO sci-fi TV series Westworld.

This latest simulation game here is created by none other than Warner Bros. International Enterprises. From Game of Thrones: Conquest to Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Warner Bros. are always ahead of others when it comes to giving fans what they want.

With the second season of HBO’s popular TV series on its way to the end, fans can keep the action going with this simulation experience. The Westworld mobile game, just like the show balances enthralling and intelligent drama. The seat-gripping action leaves us in the end with the ultimate question that whether the robots will eventually kill us all or not.

As the second season is nearing the end, and the release date of the third season is still unannounced, we are hoping the game is enough to hold the fans over until season 3. But, is it? Let’s find out!

Westworld Gameplay, Walkthrough, and Review

Since the game is based so heavily on the TV series, the narrative feels similar. The game is set out in a fictional technologically advanced, wild-west themed amusement park that is populated by Android hosts. Here, players can indulge in their wildest and violent fantasies without any retaliation from the hosts, as the park caters to high-paying guests without harming them.

As you dive into the game, you will work as a Delos trainee running a simulation that grants you the responsibility to control the amusement park. Not only do you have to satisfy the guests who pay you high amount for the experience, but you also have to keep the robots in check.

As you are granted access to the official Delos Park Training Simulation (DPTS) you will not only learn all the park operations, but you will be responsible for the Host maintenance as well.

Build and control Westworld!

Build Westworld, and optimize and unlock numerous park locations from Sweetwater, to Escalante, Las Mundas and many others to upgrade and advance the Delos facilities. Here, you will be interacting with Westworld characters like Deloros, and Maeve, as well as other employees of Delos like Bernard.

Evolve artificially intelligent hosts!

As one of your main goals in to fulfill the human appetite of your guests, you need to create and evolve Artificially Intelligent hosts regularly. You can get yourself an ultimate collection of A.I hosts by manufacturing, collecting, and upgrading them.

The game lets you create and evolve more than 170 Hosts that you can use to give the Guests an ultimate Westworld experience. Manufacture the A.I hosts in the different rooms. Narrative creates concept for the new Hosts, and then Manufacturing builds them.

Satisfy the guests!

There are no limits in Westworld for the Guests, they can indulge in violence, and satisfy their every desire without any retaliation. The Hosts are programmed in such a way that they cannot harm the guests, come what may. So, match the right Hosts with the right Guests, depending on their desires, and delight the guests.

Prove yourself as an employee!

Though a trainee, but you can prove yourself as an employee and gain access to the park in ways only the creators could have designed. You can perform diagnostics, you can address the glitches, as well as unlock the reveries to improve and upgrade your artificially intelligent hosts.


Delos values employees who are invested in the success of Westworld park, so every time you complete a game objective, you will be rewarded. Furthermore, every time you make your Guests happy, you will earn rewards and resources to expand operations, and improve your Hosts. So, keep earning rewards, and challenge the limits of Artificial Intelligence.

The game perfectly brings the dark side of entertainment to the gamers, eventually leading them into questioning their own reality. So, build your own amusement park, and control Westworld to see what the hype is all about.

Warner Bros. Games is all set to release the mobile game based on the TV series on June 21. If you pre-register the game from the official website, you will be able to enjoy some perks as well. So, wait no more! Head over to Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now to download it. Enjoy!

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