Westland Survival lands on Android & iOS

Live a day in the life of cowboy, and survive the Wild West as the latest survival adventure Westland Survival lands on Android & iOS. This latest game by Helio Ltd is a twist to the survival games where the frontier pioneers, and bounty hunters are out for a discovery.

Westland Survival is a western themed MMORPG where you will embark on a journey to the Great Plains, and deserts of Texas, and Mexico and earn dollars. Build your own Wild West ranch, and fight the gangsters with rifles, and pistols.

Here, you will explore the life of a Lone Star ranger, trade with American natives, fight the robbers, and set traps. From crafting, to mining and taming wild animals, there’s plenty of gameplay for you to enjoy in this adventure.. So, get ready to explore the open world. Head over, and download the game from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now. Have fun!

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