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Get the true feeling of a real life college adventure, with this simple yet interesting game play Soy Luna – Your Story. Make your way into a new college as a new exchange student. Subsequently, meet various colleagues in your college, making friends. Furthermore, take decisions on your journey. Hence, if you don’t have anything entertaining going on in your life this weekend, get ready to Welcome the adventurous world of Soy Luna – Your Story, developed by Lincun S.A and relax.  

Soy Luna

An interesting journey full of amazing adventures from rollers and jams to secrets untold and stories unheard off. All along, you will have to make decisions based on whom to make your friend and whom not. Moreover, which activity to pick and which not and also who should be accompanying you.

soy luna

And wait……there is something really interesting. You will have the choice to dress up your avatar in a trendy manner, the way you want. So, pick from a range of available options of hairstyles, dresses and even features. Make partners, team up, following them on Facebook.

Find out untold stories and unveil secrets. All in one role playing adventure  Soy Luna – Your Story.But wait, don’t forget that this game play is available only in exchange of real money online. So get your accounts ready. Download it right now, to know more about  Soy Luna – Your Story and an interesting adventurous world filled with colorful characters. Enjoy your Journey!


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