Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis

For all those tired of playing the same games again and again, and are looking for an RPG game that offers something different, then you have landed at the right place. The latest creation of KongregateWartide: Heroes of Atlantis is out and running. In this RPG game, you will battle to reclaim the Kingdom of Atlantis so let’s begin.

From warriors to sorcerers, summon all your heroes, and assemble your army for the big fight. All you are required to do is save the citadel from the enemy and answer all their attacks with an even better attacks until you emerge victorious. In case you haven’t done that already, read the review of Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis.

So, wait no more, and indulge into the fantasy world of Atlantis as the action and the battles await you. So download the game from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes and gear up for the battles. Have fun!

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