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General, buckle up for war! Enough turn-based battles, now it’s time to dive in the real time strategy games. Destroy the enemy bases, and conquer the land in the latest title War Heroes: Fun Action for Free.

As the name suggests, this latest creation of Fun Games for Free is a game that’s heavy on action – plenty of it but it’s also one of those games that you grasp fairly easily. Form strategies, step into the combats with cards, use them wisely and conquer – it’s as simple as that.

War Heroes Gameplay & Walkthrough

The battles are quite straight forward, provided you are using the right cards at the right time. All you have to do is to drag the cards that you want to use in the center, and they will do the magic.  Choose from more than 25 cards that feature all your soldiers, vehicles and lethal weapons to help you in the battles.

You play the game with 8 cards, 4 on the deck at once, while the others keep appearing as you use the ones on the screen. The cards are different according to the purpose they serve like some are rare, some heroic. Furthermore, we have common cards, and epic cards, each unique in their abilities.

Using the right cards at the right time will make or break the combat for you, so put your best foot forward while you are devising the strategies.

Warriors, Air Support, Tanks and much more!

You have plenty of warriors at your disposal. The Generals lead the war, Sergeant can attack multiple ground units with his shotgun, Riflemen engage the enemy units from distance and Grenadier tosses grenades at the enemies

From the roaring fighter jets to the rocket launchers, and landmines that will explode on the enemies’ heads anytime – this game has it all. So unlock cards that give you air support, jeeps, tanks, rocket launchers and other ammunition to destroy the enemy bases easily.


Win the battles, not just to prove yourself as a good commander, but to win rewards like victory stars, supply crates and much more. However, the supply crates you win take some time before they can be opened, but the rare cards, powerful soldiers, and tanks are worth the wait so spend some gems to accelerate the process of unlocking crates.

Upgrade your wheels, weapons, soldiers using the coins as the upgraded tanks can incur more damage and hit points to the enemy. Collect badges to earn different prizes.

Once you prove your combat abilities as an efficient General in the initial levels, you will unlock the multiplayer mode of the game so you can challenge your friends, and get the ultimate PvP battle experience.

Unlock new war zones, new battle arenas, and grow your war deck to be the most powerful warrior ever as the game is out on the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes. So, are you ready to battle? Get started!

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