Hello, there! Master the art of archery, and conquer the endless runner path with your bow and arrow, as we bring you a minimal infinite runner game Vikings: an Archer’s Journey.

If you are tired of the same old jumping, and avoiding obstacles gameplay, then let’s throw some archery art in the mix, and take you to the Vikings world. Yes, that’s exactly what Pinpin Team has done with this action title. Needless to say, if you are into runners, archery or Vikings, then you are in for a treat. So, let’s not wait any further, and walk you through the game.

Vikings: an Archer’s Journey Gameplay, Walkthrough, and Review

Vikings: an Archer’s Journey is a fine blend of arrow shooting and infinite runner game. Here, players will be delighted with shoot em up gameplay, with minimalist graphic style.

Basically, it is a runner like most others but with archery at the core. This game sees players running infinitely, and shooting with the arrows, mastering the art. As you run, you shoot enemies on your way using your special shots, and you jump over the obstacles such as the pits and spikes.

In the intriguing gameplay, you will play as a Valkyrie up against the evil monsters alone in the journey to the underworld. The Vikings gods have unleashed their wrath upon Nott, a Valkyrie, and have sent her loyal wolf into the underworld. In this action adventure, players will help Nott in her journey of searching for her loyal companion.

The Valkyrie is a formidable archer, and will rely on her bow and arrow skills to overcome the evil monsters drawn straight from the Nordic Legends. On this journey, you have to collect the special arrows on your way, and shoot at the enemy.

Meet Vikings, choose your bowman!

In this journey, Nott will also gain support from several Viking heroes fallen in battle. Players will meet five other Vikings, each with their own unique characteristics. Get help from the fallen heroes in completing Nott’s Odyssey, and get out of hell. Choose your bowman among a range of amazing Vikings, and enjoy the bow experience with them.

Shoot and Run!

Players don’t just have to run endlessly, there are countless enemies to kill along the way. Rack up your special shots, make combos, and jump over the pits. You can make different combinations including the jump shots, the long shots, close shots, head shots etc.

Collect firing power-ups

From the Bullet Time, to Multi-Arrows, Target Help, and Explosive Arrows, there is a number of firing power-ups at your disposal, so you can collect them, and sail through the levels quickly.

Hit all your targets, and you will get a series of combos as well. Players can also earn top bonuses in the game by making a group kill.

Challenge your friends!

If you have some epic bow and arrow skills, flaunt them! Challenge your friends in the Google Play Center, beat them, and try to get the best score. Beating the opponents will unlock you more trophies in the game which in further will help you advance onto higher levels.

Unlock trophies!

Each mission is full of game objectives, and completing each mission will level you up by one, as well as bring you closer to unlocking new characters and combos. If all the arrows you shoot hit the target, you will unlock trophies and plenty of other power ups.

There is a reward for everything in the game ranging from best distance, highest score, and highest max combo. Furthermore, players can also get rid of the enemy for a specific duration by shooting triple exploding arrows.

All credit to the simple game controls, this archery game is quite easy to learn. But don’t be deceived, you will have to wait a while before you can master the art. No matter how deep you get into the gameplay, whenever you start playing the game, it feels like a new game experience each time.

The game is free to play, and available for gamers across the globe, so dive into the immersive action by downloading the game from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes now. Happy Gaming!

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