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Hey Folks! Let’s build, decorate and play an amazing puzzle game that is based on fun-filled adventures for you. The creators of June’s JourneyWooga, like always, brings such games that work on providing a rejuvenating experience coupled with utmost entertainment for you. Recently, Tropicats got an update, making the whole puzzle experience more improvised, enhanced and apt to improve the overall performance of the game.

Tropicats – Sneak Peak into the Gameplay

The objective of this game is pretty much evident from the start; the kitty island has faced a massive earth quake; someone sabotaged the security of the land by demolishing the Totem that controls earth quakes on daily basis. You must take the responsibility of a chief and work on rebuilding the island whist finding the one who betrayed the island.

Play the gameplay similar to Candy Crush and join various fruits and leafs to either free the bird or other artifacts to accomplish various tasks. That’s all!

The Update

To improve the performance of the game, developers have invested new aspect ratios in the game to make the visuals more adaptable and comforting for displays of all sizes. Moreover, Tropicats now has improved overall performance and supports many more languages; Italian, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish.  So, the game, surely, has become more universal now!

However, read the detailed review on the game on OxiDroid and go to our Puzzle Section to read about many more puzzle games but first, visit Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and Download the game for absolutely free.

Remember, blast the fruits and have fun!

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