Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis is now out

The gaming world is full of action games coming out every day; however, the new action-packed game by OG Limited Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis is now out and it is, surely, a game that will mesmerize you all greatly. It is a new third person shooting game that is comprised of MMORPG battles coupled with bullet hell elements to take your shooting experience to a totally new level.

Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis – Sneak Peak into the Gameplay

The game has experimented with many styles in the game to fulfill your fighting desires. The game withholds shooting, puzzle and action game elements amalgamated with anime style gameplay to make it a most comprehensive action game of all.

Find treasures in many adventurous locations; explore Mysterious ancient tombs, eerie old castles and laboratories filled with dangerous traps. Moreover, the game is implanted with many funny characters and storyline that will provide an utter sense of amusement.

The game is filled with tons of levels and many advance weaponry to be explored. In addition, play in PvP mode or team up with friends to work as a squad and fight enemy to find treasures.

The game, definitely, seems to be a must download, so go on to the Google Play Store to download the game to your devices and read our in-depth review on Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis and search for more Action Games on OXiDroid.


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