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Feel the thrill of controlling your own powerful locomotive as you drive through mesmerizing landscapes in the latest simulation game we present you today. It’s time to explore the real train world, pick up passengers, and deliver them safely in Train Driver 2018.

Train Driver 2018 is a train simulation game from Ovidiu Pop; the creators of popular simulation titles such as Drag Sim 2018, and Farmer Sim 2018. This game brings the world of trains to your phone. The game allows you to sit in the engineer’s seat, explore, and earn.

Train Driver 2018 Gameplay, Walkthrough, and Review

Drive your favorite trains, and manage the driver’s cabin to live a day in the life of a train driver. Your role in the game is simple; pass through various stations, pick people, or freight and deliver safely. However, controlling your locomotive is an art that you must master in Train Driver 2018.

Take different jobs where you can choose from a variety of destinations, all with different rewards. When the game gives you an option to choose from various jobs, it explains the job type, the destination of it, and also the distance you will have to cover, and lastly what’s in it for you.

On your fun train ride, see the mini map to check where you are headed. The game features a vast open world map where there are plenty of amazing locations that you drive by. Travel across the North America, and carry people, and freight across.

Simple game controls!

Whether you are a great driver or not, or whether you are great in playing racing games or not, it doesn’t matter in this simulation! Here, the intuitive game controls make the game super easy to play. The main screen of the game features various signs, each for one move.

As you begin playing the game, a small tutorial lets you know all about the controls to control your train. Once you get hang of the controls, it’s all a smooth affair. You can change the view anytime while driving. You can horn to alert the people.

Furthermore, there’s a door icon of the side of the screen, that opens and closes doors, and lastly there’s a forward button in green and backward button in red to move your train. You can also detach, and add it to accommodate more people and freight.

Various locomotives!

Drive numerous trains, and the rides of your choice. There are a plenty of options when it comes to the locomotives; from steam, to electric, and from diesel to freight. You can also drive inter-city trains, or subway to pick, and drop people, and proceed further into the game.

Dynamic weather!

Feel like a real train mechanic, and explore the dynamic weather conditions as you travel through different areas. The dynamic weather conditions make the game even more fun, as you drive by the snowy peaks, and hilly mountains, all in one adventure.

Amazing landscapes!

The next generation graphics make the game even more fun where you can enjoy the spectacular landscapes in great visuals, and experience train simulation at its best.

Challenge your friends!

Compete for the online rankings, and challenge your friends to see who the real champion of the train simulation adventure is. So, head over to Google Play Store or Apple iTunes now and download the game right away. Cheers!

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