If you have what it takes to be a big tycoon, then you have landed at the right place. Townhall Builder : Clash for Elixir the perfect idle clicker tycoon game has been created by Mindstorm Studios. Make money and contribute to the economy as a whole


The gameplay is addictive and very engrossing. With its unique concept and new combination of tasks, the game will keep you hooked for hours. Moreover, its a perfect blast for those who love making money.

Townhall Builder features a tiny miner who was not happy with his life and left it for something better. He moves to a new town with his wife and children where he starts building everything from scratch. Leaving his past far behind, the tiny miner has made his way to this new village to make money, gold, gems and elixir in Townhall Builder.  


The tiny miner will engage in research, extensive digging and explore what more is out there that will earn him those big bucks. Work hard to help him make money, not just for the sake of profit but also to improve the state of economy.

Tap fast and keep clicking the screen. Find all the gems, coals and gold that the game offers. Tap! tap!tap! research and enter into an endless world of builders, research, mines and feel the heat.

Moreover, the game features classic visuals, taking you into a world of dragons flying all over the town. Pet and tame the dragons which come in cute flashy colors. Hire vehicles to help you with your tasks. Feed the dragons with sesame seeds.


The scenery moreover is quite appealing. Play along, collecting gems, coals and feed the miners within. In addition, sell your minerals for real money and immerse yourself in the role of a real tycoon. The tiny little miner is really on to something really big. So, help him achieve his goals.

Work smartly and use the clone machines. Expand your base by creating more miners to help you with your task. So, are you ready for some real passion and make money and elixir not war? Make elixir peacefully, by not engaging in any sort of conflict or battle. Your ultimate goal is to expand your economy and make money avoiding conflicts and clashes.

Download Townhall Builder from Google Play or Apple iTunes store on the platform of your choice and give it a try! Warning its simply irresistible!

Good luck!

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