What’s up gamers? Are you bored of playing the same old games having almost the same concept? Well, it is now time to step into dark and dim your lights a bit. Well, by this I mean get ready to dive into this magical world of Towaga which has been released for Android and iOS devices.

Sunnyside Games haven’t discharged numerous titles up until now. Their exclusive versatile game is The Firm, an arcade composed in a 8-bit style that is likewise accessible on iOS and Android. They likewise have an Oculus title, Anshar Wars 2, however that was every last bit of it up to this point. Towaga is the studio’s third title and it is stunningly designed.

Gone are the 8-bit outlines of The Firm and rather you’ll see superior quality designs and delightful components. The environment of the game is dim and scary with extraordinary characters and neon hues.

Towaga Review, Gameplay & Walkthrough

Your Task?

You fill the role of Chimù, a capable, masked character at the highest point of the unbelievable Towaga Tower, where you need to finish a dim and notable custom that prompts the disclosure of old universes while you look up to creatures who are famished of light. Your task is to battle all the bizarre animals that come your way with a beam of flame/light.

Perform Expulsions and Battle

Equipped with divine forces, particularly a capable light emission, you should survive, perform expulsions and battle the swarms of beasts while attempting to finish the five difficulties that will uncover a definitive secret, taken cover behind the entryway of the dead.

Complete the Destinations

In this 2D action/shooter, the players control a character with heavenly powers. Expulsions, creatures and different components of the obscure move toward becoming snags to missions. Players must complete destinations to unravel the puzzling entryway of the dead.


Towaga offers masterful visuals, a stylish best contrasted with an Action themed toon. Indeed, Sunnyside Games collected assets from a fruitful crowdfunding effort. The monetary allowance enabled the organization to make a 2D toon rendering motor. The stage conveys conventional toon in computer game conditions!


Another fascinating component to the amusement is the soundtrack. As indicated by the official statement, the Wwise sound motor made a one of a kind sound affair. The idea driving the Wwise sound motor has propelled AI characteristics. The soundscapes adjust and create as indicated by the player’s activities. The public statement takes after by informing the utilization with respect to a sound headset for finish drenching.

Controlling Mechanism

The base right control button gives you a chance to point the beam to illuminate the creatures and once you discharge, you exorcise them. The base left control is a more grounded control that you can utilize at times. There are 5 universes to play and an exceptional “The Path of Madness” mode.

How to Download?

So, now as you have reached the end of the review, you must be thrilled to try out this new action/shooter in a beautiful dim environment. So, without any further ado, head over to the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store to get your hands on this game right away.

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