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Brace yourself for fierce battles as War is Coming! Live and die for honor as your pride is at stake, so either you live with your head high, or you die. Would you choose to fight for freedom and glory or would you bend the knee? The choice is yours! Engage in fierce battles with this Strategy title Total Clash: War is Coming where you fight until victory or death.

The game created by NEXON Company is similar to Clash of Clans and takes the inspiration from it. The enthralling story, however works strongly in the favor of the game. This game will put you in charge of an empire where you will build your city, expand your territory, raise a strong army to crush the enemies and form a strong defense.

Choose your avatar and conquer the kingdom in style. It’s time to regroup the forces to support the cause and look to the future. The royalists have secretly created monster troops, so recruit soldiers and train your infantry in the infantry Barracks, where the Steel General was born. Give your men the command!

Total Clash War Is Coming Gameplay

Improve your military’s might by building the city, and expanding your territory. Even your craftsmen have their pride as the men can instantly construct and complete any building.

Before indulging in the real combat and putting everything at risk, try your hands on the Land of Trial where you can lose a battle without losing any troops. But you can only dispatch your challenge troops at the beginning of each chapter.  Take the deployed troops into account when you are choosing your March Troops.

Every chapter of the game is composed of mini stages so dispatch the troops based on each mini stage’s enemies. Your troops will return to the city once they have cleared all the mini stages of the chapter.

Construct a farm to feed hungry men so they are trained well. Produce resources, and expand your resource and land in the city by spending some resources to exploit new area.

Total Clash War Is Coming Alliances

Join an alliance to increase your military strength and claim the alliance bonuses. You will not only be able to reduce your construction time through alliance support but also you can build a stronger army to take over forts, and palaces.

Proper equipment can spell the difference between life and death for a soldier so give them the best gears for the battle. Acquire the equipment at the Weapons Research lab, or by defeating the enemy in the Land of Trial. Upgrade your equipment to make your claim even stronger!

With the Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry and riflemen all at your disposal, let’s see how you fight for glory. Begin by getting the game on Google Play Store and App Store and fight with everything you have got!

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