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Here’s your chance to become a hero! Go out all guns blazing, and indulge in intense real time PvP battles in the all new action game Tiny Heroes – Magic Clash.  Fire, cast spells, and dive in short, but epic brawls as you make your way to victory in this action game created by none other than Codex7 Games.

It’s time to clash with players from all around the globe, and play in epic matches to emerge victorious. Codex7 Games, the creator of Pirate Code, brings you some mighty clashes in this brawl filled battles. As the game is now soft-launched, and we finally got our hands on it, let us walk you through the gameplay and see what it has to offer.

Tiny Heroes – Magic Clash Gameplay, Walkthrough, and Review

The game provides gamers a chance to enter an arena of deadly soldiers and compete for glory. It is an arena PvP game in which players take on the role of super hero to fight in intense real time battles. Compete with the friends and foes and invite them to join you for the ultimate arena experience.

Find the hero inside yourself!

With an eclectic array of Tiny Heroes, you will go all out on your enemies. The game lets players from 10 awesome heroes. From the tornado summoning Wizard, to the fearsome Black Beard, and the powerful Spartan Warrior who is the master of short range, the options are plenty.

Frenzy real time PvP battles

Tiny Heroes – Magic Clash offers you plenty of arenas to conquer. In a variety of arenas, players will battle for crystals, gems, or stars. Enjoy the battles however you want; whether you want to indulge in quick battles, or team battles. Furthermore, players can also opt for one player star battle and bet for the win.

Players can enjoy the PvP battles using simple joystick controls. All you have to do is swipe on the screen to move your character around, and attack on the enemy within the yellow line. Within the attack range, weapons auto lock-on targets but you can change the attack direction manually.

Big game modes!

The heroes in the game might be tiny, but the action is big in plenty of big game modes. Compete to collect the most stars in the intense 3vs3 brawls, or enjoy the gem battles where your team will fight against three other teams of two to grab the gems.

In other game modes, players can choose the Crystal battle where players compete in 3vs3 to pick up 10 crystals, and hold them for a few seconds to emerge triumphant.

Skill up & fight!

Use your epic skills to turn the tide of the battles. In the heat of the combat, players will be able to equip more than 20 skills. You will not just be able to equip your heroes with an arsenal of skills and abilities, but you can evolve, and deploy them to win battles.

As for as the skills that you can use to knock the enemies dead, there is the lethal Poison Attack, the terrifying White Heat, the impactful Force Ripple, and the restorative Big Heal. Simply tap the skill you want to unleash, and then tap the attack button to deploy it. So, skill up your heroes, and fight till victory or death!

Take on quests!

From the engaging battles, to the time limited events, and missions, you can take on a number of quests. Every time you accomplish a mission, or complete a quest, you are rewarded. In the time limited events, players can get their hands on a number of rewards from gems to trophies and what not.

If you have what it takes to be become a true tiny hero, then prove it in this fun action game. If you don’t want to miss on the action, and give this g

ame a shot, grab the game from Google Play Store now. Cheers!

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