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Join the world of Three Kingdoms, and enjoy the massive combat as you explore a fantasy world in the latest strategy game Three Kingdoms: Infinity Wars. This game is an intriguing blend of the genres that have been on a roll lately; strategy and lots and lots of action.

If you have tried your hands on Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, or Fortress of Champions lately, and wish that there were bigger battles, and bigger armies, then Three Kingdoms: Infinity Wars is definitely the game for you.

Created by none other than EFUN COMPANY LIMITED, here in this game, you join the states, and fight against enemies and friends from the other states for power, and glory. But does it stand out from plenty of other strategy titles pouring left, right and center on the store? Let’s find out in this gameplay review!

Three Kingdoms: Infinity Wars Gameplay, Walkthrough, and Review

Three Kingdoms: Infinity Wars plays much like any other battle game. You join the kingdoms as a lord of Three Kingdoms, and you fight for the honor of your state. The game gives you a free option to conquer the kingdoms, and become a legendary name.

Massive real time PVP battles!

This latest title may not be massively original under the surface but it sure is a lot of fun. It is an epic war themed multilayer strategy game where you join the states of Wei, Sui, or Wu and dive into the battles. Though the battles do get complicated from time to time, but there’s nothing more than you can handle.

Build and customize your army!

So, how do you conquer your kingdoms alone? You don’t! You build a massive army, and command them to launch fierce attacks on your opponents. What I like about commanding the armies in this title is that you can command three troops at the same time, kicking things up a notch.

Select the Assemble orders, and apply them to the combat city to call up your troops to the state when you begin the battles. Tap the city you want to fight, and destroy them. Choose the hero you think is best for the combat, and dispatch them on the enemies. Battles get pretty simple when you use the right skill at the right time. Tap on the hero to unleash his skills on the enemy.

Command your heroes!

Control your 15 heroes and thousands of heroes at real time battles and knock the enemy dead with various game tactics such as siege, road breaking to attack the opponents.

Collect all the powerful heroes from the Three Kingdoms, and train them to help you in the battles. You can also equip your heroes with superior weapons, and upgrade their skills. You will not just be able to control your heroes, but you can also forge the perfect formation in the real time battles.

Explore the fantasy open world!

The fantasy open world of the Three Kingdoms is rich and features famous cities of the world like Red Cliff, Wuxia, Tiger Prison, Hefei, and Chang’an among the 300 famous cities of the world. Occupy cities as your stronghold, and use the geographic areas in your strategies for the battles.

Test your abilities in Quests!

National quests like Yellow Turban Rebellion, Savage Invasion, Expansion, and Seige City will test your abilities. Fight with thousands of players, as you compete for glory side by side.

But hey, each battle earns you rewards that you can claim from the main screen of the game. Don’t forget to collect the shards, coins, and other rewards you get. Battles also unlock more houses for you in the game, and lastly they unlock more characters for you that you can deploy in the battles.

Take the destiny you wish!

The game options are abundant when it comes to your role in the battles. You can take over the role of the king of the country, and lead the battles, or you can be the military strategist who advices the king on battle tactics. Furthermore, you can forge alliances as a diplomat, or become an official struggle at wars with bros.

So, strike the warfare, and explore the open worlds in this non-stop battle strategy game. The game is now available on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes so you can download it right away, and enjoy the action. Cheers!

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