The Room: Old Sins is finally out

Hurrah! The Room: Old Sins is finally out on Android and is a magnificent blast for all Puzzle Games lovers. The game is created by Fireproof Games in which they have put utmost care and attention to develop such a gameplay.

However, the game is a fourth edition to the The Room Franchise and is expected to sever even better gameplay in it than its predecessors.

The Room: Old Sins – Sneak Peak of the Gameplay

The gameplay, overall, serves a great impression; although the game does not possess much features but the one that it involves keeps it the most exciting puzzle venture. All you need is to enter the room and start solving mysteries that various room of contain.

Solve them and find various objects in the room to get the hint for the next tasks. Well, there might be many hidden items in these objects so beware and have a close eye. In addition, by finishing all the tasks of each room move to the next one and start a new mission over there. Keep on having fun and explore the rooms for more adventures.

Read the Detailed Review on The Room: Old Sins on our site and have a blast by Downloading the game from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes.

Happy Exploring!

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