The Alchemist Code Got an Update

Based on Japanese style strategic RPG, gumi Inc. has released an exciting game The Alchemist Code. It is a game where you can practice your strategic skills along with intense character customization in a turn-base battle system. What’s more stirring is that The Alchemist Code got an update, the whole RPG experience  is now more comprehensive; the battles are more intense with improved performance.

The Alchemist Code: A Little Insight to the Gameplay

As already mentioned, the game is all about utilizing your strategic skills in remarkable turn-based battles. The game seems to be the perfect depiction of roleplaying games amalgamated with genuine tactical element that will only make you ecstatic. It offers deep customization of your characters and also lets you play with friends in 4P battling arena in either Co-op challenges or in PvP mode.

What’s the Update?

The new update has, surely, promised to make your gaming experience more pleasing. The game has extended its language support; you can now play the game in French, German and Spanish along with English language. It also offers a screen share feature in it along with new bundles and gears to be used. Moreover, the Soul Exchange Shop is unlocked to make the game more enthralling and adventurous. Overall, the update has focused on game stability and performance. So, thumbs up!

Not to forget, you can download The Alchemist Code on your devices by going to Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and can read all about the game in our detail review available in the Review Section of our site.


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