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Let your photographs do the talking! Yes, many of you might have already guessed from the title as to what I am talking about and for those are still unable to guess, let me tell you! A new photography application called Text on Photo – Fontmania has been Released for Android & iOS devices that is going to provide you tons of exciting features in a single place.

Apalon Apps dependably has very firm, perfect, simple to-utilize applications and Fontmania is literally the same.

Text on Photo – Fontmania Features

Most of us might have come across a point in life where we get really annoyed for downloading a lot of applications for just a tiny task. For instance, if you have to write on a photo and edit it at the same time, you might have to download different apps for various purposes.


Well, not anymore! Text on Photo – Fontmania provides tons of important features that a photography lover needs in a single place. This app has been released and is running successfully all over the world. It is highlighted in “Best new applications” on the App Store in 36 nations! That is one more reason to download it.

Exquisite Typography

Fontmania is a splendid typography application that will transform your photographs into funky and cool pictures with text and art over them. You can also create cards whether they may be welcome or love cards which look natural and can be directly shared through the application.

Text on Photo – Fontmania also gives a vast gathering of fascinating fine arts, handpicked fonts and additionally a wide range of customization options that you can use for all the creative bits you want to add to your pictures.

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This application is anything but difficult to use. When you initially open the application, you permit the application to converse with your mobile pone’s camera. After getting the access, it lets you choose a photograph and there you can edit it. When you confirm the size you need or whether you want to crop, you will get to see a lot of tool that will help you in editing the picture.

Additional Features

A lot of exciting features have been added in the application for your ease. You can reposition and resize components by just a few movements. You can use filters, add fonts, change fontstyles, use artworks and discover exciting artworks . You name it and this application has it!


Fontmania may not be for everybody, but rather it can unquestionably flavor up your photographs with imaginative utilization of artwork and content. Sharing your photos is very simple as you can send to numerous applications and also your camera roll. In the event that you are hoping to improve your normal ole photographs, at that point try Fontmania out.

So, without any doubt, this application offers you useful features under one roof. If you are a photography fan then download this application right now which is FREE of cost. You can easily download it from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

Get ready to explore your creativity!

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