Brace yourself! Join the army of Knights to defend Edin – a city created by God Teon in Teon – All Fair Hardcore ARPG – a game created by Lakoo. The master of Edin – Arthur tried to create the tower of Babel hoping to reach heaven but he didn’t know what he would face. Instead he was captured by Teon and that’s how the unrest broke in Edin.

Consequently, the monstrous Attila took over the throne so the evil spurted out everywhere. As a result, the knights of King Arthur rebelled and waged a war against the evil King Attila. Now, it is upon you to carry on the legacy and join in other knights to bring back peace.

Teon – All Fair Hardcore ARPG creates a wondrous world of orcs and humans to bring forth an action packed aura in hope to overthrow Attila. This Subtle world is exuberating and entices the fighter in you.

Teon - All Fair Hardcore ARPG gameplay

So, without further ado let’s dive directly in its gameplay.

The gameplay does not have any lengthy & boring tutorials. Jump straight into the gameplay and learn how to play the game through experience. Moreover, the game also doesn’t possess any rigorous rules – just follow the simple available tasks and gain victory.

The fantasy world available in the game is a baggage full of cracking features. It is crammed with challenging Quests comprised of some Main and Side quests/tasks. On completing the main tasks you are provided with another side or minor task to accomplish. Achieve them all and unlock more adventures!

Teon - All Fair Hardcore ARPG combat

Giving the whole battling experience an EXTRA PUNCH – you can trade or sell almost anything in your bag full of items and commodities, such as; Potions, Armor, Weapons and Scrolls to earn big. Additionally, having trouble carrying all that stuff in your bag? Let Andrew keep them in his Warehouse and pay him thirty gold coins to retrieve.

Moving on, customizing the character is a lot more fun. Be it a Human or an Orc – create a character of your choice and deploy him on the field to embark on an adventurous journey in Teon – All Fair Hardcore ARPG.

Give your character various equipment and make them a fierce fighter. Gather and collect multiple powerful potions and use them while you fight the enemy on the battle field. Heal quickly, give your movements momentum or use protective potion to have a more ferocious fight.

Teon - All Fair Hardcore ARPG bag

You don’t have to fight the battles alone anymore. PvP is probably the most enthralling part about this game as it lets you explore the dangerous world in Edin with your clan. Moreover, share gifts with your friends to earn extra benefits. How fun does that sound!

THE ONLY LET DOWN of this game are the graphics. The picture quality and visuals effect implanted in the game do not add anything. Attacking the enemy is no fun as the effects are not so clear and it makes the whole experience less attractive.

Not to forget, the joystick controls and designated attack button definitely saves the gaming experience in Teon – All Fair Hardcore ARPG. So, to hop on this amazing journey visit Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and download the game for $0.99 and blow the enemy away.

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