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Who doesn’t love playing TEKKEN™? It has been the best fighting game that I have ever played; however, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment brings this amazing game to mobile to rejuvenate our gaming world where we can be the vital part of a remarkable online combat system. Legends Reborn and Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage are the two games offered by the same developers and trust me they are worth spending time on.

However, this new game is just a surprise because of the type of gameplay that is has furnished in it. Play with your favorite characters, taken from the original franchise and explore the gaming mechanism with them. Learn the imperative skills and explore the unique and exciting game modes instilled in this marvelous creation.

TEKKEN™ – Gameplay Mechanism & Walkthrough

While playing the game I just found myself in totally a new world. The euphoric world inculcated in the game took me by surprise; to be honest I wasn’t expecting such depth in characters and features. Well, it certainly feels nice to be proven wrong. The game is all about fights and combats so that should remain your basic focus; however, unraveling other thongs in the game is also quite essential.

I have already claimed the mighty shown in establishing the characters in the game and I simply LOVED all the characters. However, the fighting mechanism also made me smile like a Cheshire cat – ear to ear. Not that the grandeur of the game by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment was un expected but the perfect with which TEKKEN™ is developed is just out of the world.

The Battles & Combat System

I feel out of words while describing the mighty of the battles that are set in TEKKEN™. These combats seem to be furnished especially to satisfy the Tekken Fans. Not only the game carries good graphics but it also withholds great controls and also provides with Cards and some special attacks that would aid the players in battles.

Primarily, the fights are formed up on 2X2 battles. Come face to face with your adversary in the arena and take it down using your fighting skills and abilities. Punch and kick the opponent and also learn to block its attack on you. Be the best of all the fighters and use the special skills by deploying and using the Cards.

Although, the game is mostly about tapping on the screen but it still withholds great depths it so, overall I just had a blast. SUPERB!

Special Attacks and Waza Cards

Well, there are special or heavy attacks that you can perform on the rival in TEKKEN™.  However, these attacks are more brutal and draw out more of the opponent’s energy. Nevertheless, there are Waza cards that are placed in the game to add thrills and chills to your fights.   Each card serves diverse purpose like, breaking the foe’s guard, or can strike the rival with more power that inflicts greater damage to him.

Not to mention, by combining different combos of these cards a new, more damaging and dangerous power could be generated that is surely helpful in defeating the powerful opponents.

The Three Great Modes

The game level itself up by introducing three immensely exciting and fun modes in it. Story Mode, DOJO Mode and Live Events are the three ways to participate in the game. In the Story mode you will be taking part in never-ending fights and challenges, with new opponent to fight with each time. DOJO Modes requires you to play against other online DOJO players and prove your worth to them by smashing them with your powerful punches.

On the other hand, Live Events, as the name suggests, is based on rotating events that stay for a specific time, letting you earn many useful and exciting rewards in the game. Not to forget, each mode is further composed of number of chapters that you must undergo and complete to move ahead in the game. Local Vs is a new mode that is soon to be released in the game let’s hope its arrival brings more joy to us and challenge us in a new way.

The Amazing Characters

Crammed with uncountable characters, TEKKEN™ is just reaching cloud 9. These characters are just too good to be true; they possess many special skills and are designed masterfully to provide the game the feel of the console games. Nevertheless, all the characters are designed upon and are assigned a specific element; water, earth, wind and fire are the elements upon which their power is based.

However, each of these characters is upgradable and carries their separate Waza cards depending on their abilities. Apart from having totally a different and unique look these characters can also be equipped with various items to make them more personalized and customized. Just keep on leveling these characters up and see the magic of the marvelous game.

 The Easy Peasy Controls

As far as the controls of the game are concerned I am super satisfied with how they are formed. There is no rocket science about it and are simple to learn. All you need to do is tap on the right of the screen to attack the opponent while touch the left on the screen to block the rival’s attack. Moreover, swipe to move the character and you can tap and hold the right of the screen for the special attack.

Well, after playing TEKKEN™ I just feel I have found the game of my desires. Don’t believe me? Then play the game for yourself and I am sure you would be validating my statement here. So, in order to download the game you must go to the Google Play Store and if you are an Apple user then visit Apple iTunes to Download TEKKEN™. However, if you want to play more Action Games then we have bunch of more suggestions for you on our site so keep visiting.

Have a Smashing Experience!

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