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Dive into the epic world of tank battles and take part in enormous tank blitz battles in a unique arena and fight for dominance in the latest release of Extreme Developers called Tank Force. Unlike Army Battle Simulator, and Battle Mobile, here you will choose some real tanks from Asia, Russia, and NATO to indulge in the coolest tank battles, and witness armor battles at its finest.

In this game, you will experience cross platform PvP battles with just the right blend of tank simulator games, and thrilling arcade battles. Train your tank crew and beat the opponents.

Tank Force Gameplay

You step into the game as a skilled sergeant, and as the creators want to provide you a realistic battle experience, the game provides no tutorial for the beginners. While I’m still not sure how I feel about it, the gameplay is pretty simple. Use simple joystick controls to move your tank to right, and left. But hey, watch out for the attacks. Don’t get yourself killed just yet.

Use the shoot button to shoot at the enemies, and keep shooting until their tanks turn into ashes. Use the optical sight to improve your aim, and search for the enemy tanks. You can also rotate the view by simply dragging the screen left and right.

Choose the tanks that you want to use in the battles from the hangar. You will need shells as they come in handy in the battles. So buy them using the coins. Buy all other equipment that you think will support you in battles like camouflage, spend some in-game gold, and conquer the battle ground.

The Upgrades

Don’t worry about the upgrades at all as in module upgrades, you can upgrade your main gun, auto-loader, armor, engine, and chassis so modify your arsenal and buckle up for the action.

Check your Stats

See how you are doing in the game by checking out the statistics bar where you can see your wins, the battles you have fought, your shots, kills, deaths, wins, the damage you have incurred, everything.

What gives this game quite an edge is the fact that it puts you in control of everything, from main settings, to graphics, controls, markers, and sound. Furthermore, the rewards are as interesting as it gets. Besides the silver and gold, you will also fight for experience stars here.


Upgrade your equipment, arsenal, gear and decal using the coins that you earn during the battles. You will also be able to upgrade guns but remember, all upgrades take time but you can boost the time by spending some coins.

Multiple Gaming Modes

Play the game in different battles modes, in different battle arenas all in different geographical zones, but one thing stays common in it, all of them are breath-taking and provide you the ultimate battle experience.

OXi Verdict

So challenge the sergeant in you and compete with experienced Al or real players from around the world. If you think you have what it takes to be the best warrior of tank battles, give this action game a shot. So, hurry up and download it from Google Play Store  right away. Exciting battle tasks await you.

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