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From the developers of the Talking Tom Cat, comes a brand new game with a lot more adventure and fun Talking Tom PoolOutfit7 has launched some great hit games in the past like My Talking Tom, My Talking Tom Cat 2 Talking Angela,Talking Ginger and many more which were everybody’s favorite.

The amazing part is that Talking Tom Pool is a lot different from their past games which were mostly voice changers. This puzzle game is loaded with tons of features to take your gaming experience to another level.

Get ready for a pool party! Hurry up, grab your bathing suits and dive in the water with a lot of floaties around. There are tons of levels to make your game a lot more exciting accompanied with more than 110 pools with fun  backgrounds.

In Talking Tom Pool, your goal is to match the floaties of same colors by pulling it back, releasing it and the floaty moves in the direction it is pulled. Don’t forget the moves! As there are limited moves, so match the floaties smartly in as few moves as possible.

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Not to forget your very own water-park – As you keep clearing levels, various keys will be provided. Now, keys are very essential for your very own water-park. The water park is in a very untidy condition so you have to unlock, rebuild, and customize it using your keys. Make it the most beautiful attraction in the world world by customizing it and building the highest water slide in the world. Furthermore, keep clearing levels and collect as many keys as possible to unlock various items.

The gameplay is quite intriguing followed by beautiful graphics and simple controls. The levels at the start will be a lot easier compared to the advanced ones as you keep moving forward. The levels are exciting yet full of challenging obstacles to keep you on your toes.

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Moreover, the graphics and the beautiful colors will not hurt your eyes and give a very soothing effect. Talking about the controls, all you have to do is pull back and release.

Use power-ups to win – Do you want to conquer the pool and become the king? Well, why not! Keep using power-ups and collect them to give your game a boost and win levels faster. There are tons of power-ups to take your game to the next level like telescope improves your precision, rocket removes all floaties of one color, and the great unicorn floatie will make all your floaties multicolored for one roll.

Another exciting news is that this game just got a new update which consists of 70 all new levels in the thrilling new world, the “Water Kingdom”. Worlds filled with pirates, dragons, and more a lot more await for you. Bounce, splash, have fun and make the supreme water park ever and let the world know about it. You definitely don’t want to miss this ultimate pool party.

Talking Tom Pool has an amazing gameplay and you can download it for for free from the Google Play Store. This game has a few in-app purchases for getting more coins and lives.

So, Sling and match with Talking Tom and experience the best pool party with your favorite characters.

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