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Oh no! Darkness has invaded the massive magical world of Gaia, and the planet is on a brink of war yet again. The people are waiting for a hero to emerge and deliver Gaia from the darkness of war. Could that hero be you?

As the humans, elves, titans, and dwarves battle each other out for glory, and dominance, the fate of the planet lies in your hands alone. So, dive into the thrilling MMORPG adventure and hack & slash your way to glory in the all new RPG Tales of Gaia that’s soft-launching now.

In Tales of Gaia, you will journey through the magical world, and fight real time combat battles with the bosses to take over the planet. Fierce wars await you as you step into the chaotic world brought to you by none other than Snail Games USA Inc. The developers need no introduction, as they have already brought us some amazing titles such as Blade Reborn, Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter and others.

Tales of Gaia Gameplay, Walkthrough & a Review

The game setting of Tales of Gaia is a classic fantasy world where four races are fighting for glory, rather than three; something that was originally designed. As the fate of the planet lies in your hands now, you will blast through the massive magical world, and wipe out the epic bosses.

Not only does the unique game engine provides 3D graphics, and PC level effects that are a treat to watch, the game features immersive maps with dynamic environment on the top of it.

Choose your race!

Start your journey by choosing your race in the game. You can choose from Human, Titan, Elf, and Dwarves. All races have their own abilities, roles and are unique in their own ways. Furthermore, you can switch your class any time in the game, but that feature unlocks after you reach the 20th Level.

The Human Knight is responsible for High Defense and high Damage reduction against the monsters, while the Titan Punisher deals high crit damage, sprints several times, and pulls the target close to you. As for the Elf Mage, the role is high crit, magic damage, and magic defense penetration, and lastly, the Dwarf Ravager is responsible for ranged attacks with high crit and physical defense penetration.

The gameplay is quite simple, and easy to grasp, even for the newbies out there. You have to prove yourself as a warrior, and earn glory. Fight the bosses in real time co-op battles, or PVP combat to emerge victorious. To move around in the game, you will use the virtual joystick, but you can also tap on the screen to use Auto Pathfinding.

Dominate in Epic Dungeon Adventure

Move around in the game, and take on every enemy that you confront in the game. Use your special skills, and abilities to turn the tides of the battles. Skills such as Divinium Stone help you greatly increase the damage you inflict on your enemy.

As you complete different quests in the game, you proceed onto the next while getting some rewards as well. Every reward, or item you earn in the game goes to your backpack, and you can check everything you have acquired so far from the main menu of the game.

Join a guild!

To rise in the ranks of the Guild wars, forge alliances, and join a guild. You can also cast allegiance with one of the races, and then begin your journey. The game is split into different Chapters, and as you complete a chapter, you unlock new skills, new abilities to be even deadlier in the upcoming battles.

Uncover the Shadowy secrets of Gaia’s past, and discover what caused the darkness to spread as you experience firsthand legendary battles in the game. So, if you are ready to face off the giant bosses, and take them down to emerge victorious in this adventure RPG, grab the game right away.

After days of hacking and slashing, the beta testing of the game for Android and iOS has come to an end, and the game is officially soft launching now so wait no more, and head over to Google Play Store & Apple iTunes now to get the game. Cheers!

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