Bluk Physics Adventure gameplay

Remember those Physics classes back in the days when you would pray for time to pass quickly but it never did? When your eyes were stuck on the clock, that was moving slower than usual but someone far from your bench was interested in studying all those terminologies that made you yawn? So, if you are nodding, we just want you to know you are going to regret it because physics game fanatics are in for a treat!

Hardly ever do you find a game that satisfies the nerd in you but if you think modern physics games have lost their charm, think again. BLUK – Physics Adventure is a skill based Physics adventure game by the developers Pixel Ape where you control a single block with your magical abilities. The game does look a lot like Monument Valley at first but it is more than just a copy and offers a lot more.

The game is a level based game where you traverse through different worlds as you proceed in the game through different levels shown by the change in the colors and the transition in the background.

Bluk Physics Adventure

The game controls are a piece of cake, but the perfect landing is not. If you have played Angry Birds in any stage of your life, it will take you a minute to understand the controls because there is not much to understand.  The game features some laid out pillars and you have to jump from one to another until you complete the level. Aim the block with dotted trajectory line, to jump from one pillar to the next, expand, retract, and rotate it to aim and release your finger only when your aim is spot on.

Your goal is to land safely on the next pillar without falling from the pillar. Make a perfect landing by sliding on the inside square of the pillar, and you will get the bonus points. Sweet! If you somehow manage to land safely but not with accuracy, you still get some points. Well, their way of saying “At least you didn’t die.” Your run ends when you fail to land safely. The game does get pretty tough in the advanced levels as the pillars start to topple and crumble as soon as you land on them. So rush through these as you won’t get time to think and aim.

Bluk Physics Adventure gameplay

If you ever become too confident in your landings, you can skip pillars too and aim directly but what’s the rush? Slow and steady, that’s the key. However, with the aesthetic graphics, minimalist gameplay and intuitive controls, we had no doubts that the game would shine. So take your leap of faith, and download it from Google Play Store now. Happy Landings!

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