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The world created by the two Dragon borne of the Sun and Moon is in danger. It is populated with evil and demonic powers and now it’s the responsibility of Taichi Masters to save the world from these evil forces in Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter.

Snail games USA Inc. has recently added another game to the Taichi Panda Franchise. It is expected to be one of best MMOARPG games of this year and is the third expansion to the title. The game is more refined and enhanced than its predecessors. As, you get a first hand battling experience along with many new nifty features to explore in this installment.

It is true that the game is jammed packed with mesmerizing battles and unlimited action but that’s not all. You get to encounter a lot more than just that. Your first and foremost task is to choose the faction from two basic classes of Lion Empire and Panda Empire. Both of these factions have further four classes of unique characters to choose from.

But wait! There is more to the story . While you are engrossed choosing the character, you’ll notice that all them have unique physical appearance along with exclusive skills and abilities. The four classes for Lion Empire are Berserker, Ice Mage, Priest and Scout. However, Panda Empire is comprised of; Swordman, Rune Mage, Healer and Scout.

Moreover, you can also customize you chosen character and tweak its features, give it different hairstyle and equip it with your favorite armor.

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Right after you’re done building the character you enter into the gameplay and well that’s where all the fun begins. You might notice that there are many other characters roaming around on the field; some on foot while others on horses or other flying species. These characters are not system generated but are actual players playing the game.

The reason for that is the availability of the MMO mode invested in Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter. Multiplayer makes the gaming experience more fun and thrilling as you’re not only looking at the characters, but playing alongside them in the game. You can join in to fight against the rival camp and experience fights in 10 Vs 10 Battlegrounds.

Don’t worry about knowing the gameplay and the tasks you are supposed to complete. The on-screen instructions will guide you to your next step. All you need to do is continue reading them and everything will become as easy as a piece of cake.

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The most intriguing part of Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter is the ability of the character to mount other animals or species, like horses and dragons. You can easily mount and use them to help you travel to your next location. You can also use these mounted species to fight your battles in skies or mid-air, the possibilities are endless.

As mentioned above, all the characters possess unique characters so acquiring new skills also withhold a great importance. You need to keep acquiring new skills and make use of them on the battlefield. Skills like tracking, spiral slash and vortex change come in handy while you are in a combat or need to complete any specific task.

Interestingly, you can astonish the enemy by destroying and killing it in disguise. You can work undercover and take up the appearance of your enemy so that you easily fool him and obtain maximum benefit from it. Additionally, the game is filled with multiple events for you to participate in to win exciting prizes and gifts.

Taichi Panda 3 Dragon Hunter options

Undoubtedly, gameplay and features used in the game are far more enhanced and improved than its predecessors. Graphics, story and sound, all work in perfect harmony. However, there is also a downside to this game; although the graphics are perfect but it is still hard to see the battling actions clearly. You do attack the enemy but visual effects of that scene are not so impressive.

However, Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter is surely a game with full on action packed battles along with adventurous gameplay. So, pull up your sock and download it free from Google Play Store and say hi to endless combat fun.

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