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The monsters have gathered for the ultimate showdown! Are you ready to experience the adrenaline rush of quick strategy battles? Can your monsters rumble in the biggest brawl? Can your clan be the #1 clan in the world? Well, well, well, we will see how true your claim is as Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is finally out! Woot, woot!

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is a turn-based tactical arena battle game created by Camex games that gives you the complete fierce battle experience as in this game, monsters from all around the world will compete on the Hex grids, and fight for dominance.

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena Gameplay – All about the right tactics!

The game itself is pretty easy; you just need to use the right tactics. You will step into the battlefield with your 5 monsters, as your team competes with an equally worthy opponent  just as strong. But don’t worry, the game will first train you to get hang of the battles.

Learn attack, move, range attack in the training, and know your tactics to outsmart and destroy the opponents. Think you have trained well for the multiplayer battles? Enter the attack phase! Set your attack direction, and get your target on point.

As Tactical Monsters is a turn based game, you need to choose the right position where it’s easier for you to attack and the enemy is always in your range. Initially you will have to be in the enemy’s range to attack, but as you proceed to advanced chapters, equipped with powers, you will be able to kill your enemy in one arrow even with ranged shots.

A nice mix of Multiple Modes!

Single Player or PVP – You decide. You can play the battle in single player/PVE mode, where the system chooses the enemy for you and you have to bring it down. Or you can choose the Multi Player PvP battle where you can compete with any other player, and claim the title of the Tactics Victor. Furthermore, there’s another Guild battles option, where you can form an alliance, team up, and destroy the enemy.

Adventure Mode or Guerrilla Warfare? – Decide again! Play Tactical Monsters either in the Adventure mode or in the other one that brings more thrills; the Guerrilla Warfare mode. As you move on to higher stages, you will land at bigger battle grounds, your monsters are more destructive and deadly, and you have bigger chances to destroy them in a single shot.

Unlock Destructive Skills!

Upgrade your monsters and equip them with destructive skills using Gold coins from different battles. Different monsters have different skills; some are good at ranged attacks & shooting an arrow while some are great at close encounters. So, once you unlock new monsters, you can make strategies by placing them for different battles based on their skills.

As far as the rewards are concerned, they await you for every battle you win in the form of Gold coins, or in the form of diamonds. Buy cards and chests with these coins as the cards help you unlock new features. You can also do check-ins to get coins, and free stamina to defeat the bosses.

So, for those of you who love fast action and fierce battles, the game is free to play, but like most such games, if you want to use better powers, you’ll have to pay a few bucks too. If you like fun and challenging games then Download the game from Google Play Store right now and try your hands on this one. Cheers!

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