Survival Heroes soft launches

Gamers, it’s time to get the MOBA, and survival experience all in one game now as the latest MOBA survival by Snail Games USA Inc called Survival Heroes Soft-launches on Android!

Survival Heroes has 100 players airdropped onto a large map that is filled with loot, but also competitors fighting to be the last one standing. As players are airdropped, they will put their survival instinct to test by fighting against all opponents.

Players start off armless, but they can scavenge for weapons, and gears to shoot the enemy. There is plenty of gear that can be collected and more than 30 types of weapons that players can choose from.

Have a fair fight with your opponents, and explore the vast land of dangerous creatures. If you want to learn more about the game, check out Oxidroid Review. Or head over and download the game from Google Play Store now. Cheers!

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