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Do you have what it takes to be the king of the valley? Will you be the last one standing? It’s time to put your survival instinct to test, and master the art of survival by outmaneuvering others in the all new MOBA Survival Heroes.

Join hands with your friends, and start hunting for the treasures as the latest action packed survival adventure is now out. The game is created by Snail Games USA Inc; also, the creators of Tales of Gaia, Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter, and various other hit titles.

Survival Heroes Gameplay, Walkthrough & Review

Survival Heroes is a unique multiplayer online battle royale game that lets players enjoy nonlinear gameplay. The game sees players gathering their friends, and exploring the treasures of the vast land as they fight against 99 other contenders for survival.

MOBA and Battle Royale Blend

Survival Heroes provides gamers with battle royale and MOBA hybrid gameplay where you can enjoy the easy and fun controls of a traditional MOBA game, and master the game. To become the king, all you have to do is improvise your moves, and pick the right gear at the right moment as you take on other contenders as a lone wolf.

In Survival Heroes, players will be airdropped through a parachute in a vast valley along with scores of other players, where you will fight to become the last man standing. Prove that you are the only king of the valley by outsmarting your opponents through tactics, and heavy ammunition.

Choose your landing

As players will be able to choose their landing position, a good landing will earn you an early advantage in the game. Once you parachute down to the perfect spot, you will find the weapons, and items to support you on the journey as you fight with 99 other online players.

 Various weapons to collect

Use the fierce firepower to crush everyone that comes in your way to become the last man standing. The game features diverse weapon system where you have about 30 unique and deadly weapons with hundreds of skills. Besides killing the enemy with the heavy ammunition, you can also set traps, lurk in the bushes, and wait for your enemy to step on.

Weapons can also be upgraded in the game to increase their strength. In addition to finding, and collecting equipment, you will also destroy the enemy to gain experience points.

Pick up your gear

Players will start off the survival adventure armless. As each player starts the same in the valley of heroes, you will have to arm yourself first as you begin blazing. Explore the vast land that is full of dangerous creatures, and find loot. Pick up your weapons, collect gear, and fight. The fights are fair and square in the game, all you have to outshine is the right gear, and the right strategy to use at the right time.

Explore the vast land of dangerous creatures

Besides the opponents, players will also fight the fog. Beware of the mist; you will never know what awaits you in the game next. Overcome all your enemies with a variety of skills such as the invisible power, wide area damage and others.

As the time passes, the safe zone also shrinks gradually. This makes the players move to the central area, and improves the pace of the game where you are continuously fighting for survival.

In a nut shell, the game brings a whole new and exciting experience where you get the best of MOBA and survival games. If you are looking for a game that offers the perfect combination of MOBA, and survival for an unparalleled gaming experience, then Survival Heroes is the right game for you. So, head over and download the game from Google Play Store now. Have fun!


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