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Brace yourself! Cartoon Network EMEA has brought an arcade action journey – Super Slime Blitz – from The Amazing World of Gumball. The game is a condign representation of the characters from the series, intending to reach and attract younger audiences from around the globe.

The game brings forth an astounding gameplay for you to dig in; it is simple, easy and above all facile to grasp. Just tap on left or right of the screen to move the character; interestingly, the character does not run or walk forward, instead, it jumps ahead and above.

That’s right! You move forward in the game along with going upwards. You hop on from ledge to ledge whilst breaking blocks that come in your way. Predominantly, you destroy these blocks to pave a way for you in the game.

Super Slime Blitz gameplay

Don’t forget, you only need to jump in order to break the ledge that comes in front of you, that’s all. To create more excitement, the gameplay also has some slime covered barriers and obstacles. They either come in the form of barb blocks or various slimes that come towards you.  Remember, you have to dodge the slimes, including; spikes, lasers, ice, and lava cannons to avoid being killed.

Talking about the gaming modesSuper Slime Blitz, primarily, does not possess any gaming modes; however, it withholds many locations in it to dive in. The gameplay is endless and lets you play nonstop. Although, it sounds a little boring but trust us it’s not.

Interestingly, as you move along in the game you come across some specific point or portals that lead you to entirely different gameplay location right away. You jump from one portal to another in a blink of an eye. The key placed in the game also play an important part in unlocking the secret arenas and bringing some hidden benefits for you.

Super Slime Blitz portals

What gives Super Slime Blitz a lot more punch is the placement of your favorite character in it. You can choose to unlock numerous characters like; Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Banana Joe, Carrie, Penny, Ocho and Tobias. These characters are unlocked against in-app currency and, amazingly, you can also choose the trails from them from cassettes, cupcakes, bubbles and burgers etc.

That not all! There are numerous boosters like; Magnet, elevator boost, slow hazards and shield, to collect and use them for your benefit. Nevertheless, the graphics of the game fairly serve the purpose; it is alluring for the target audience and would, surely, make them satisfied.

Super Slime Blitz options

However, the game might become more comprehensive if we didn’t have to watch so many ads. But the rest of the gameplay is quite entertaining, keeping you hooked for hours.

So, it is safe to assert that Super Slime Blitz is astonishing game jammed packed with smashing experience, letting you destroy the heaps of barriers and specially designed for kids. Although, the game seems to be monotonous but there’s no way you will resist playing it.

So, hop on this amazing journey and go on to Google Play Store or Apple iTunes to live in The Amazing World of Gumball. Happy Smashing!

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