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Get ready to meet an adventurous character Ari who is in search for his sister Ina that has been kidnapped and taken to the phantom world. Help Ari find his little sister by making way through various worlds and avoiding the obstacles.

In any case you are very brave player who is not afraid of different challenges. Move around, bounce over things, gather the greater part of the sparkling things that you see.

Veewo Games have released the Super Phantom Cat 2 which revolves around a cat that is on a journey to save his little sister from the mysterious world. The journey is going to be full of allies, hidden secrets but that cannot stop Ari because he is a brave cat who won’t back off at any cost.

Not only that – Veewo Games are also the makers of the Super Phantom Cat which received the award for the Best Games of 2016. So, hold your breath because this is the latest, upgraded version which is going to prove itself again one of the most fun and adventurous games ever played.

Super Phantom Cat 2 withholds a Super fun & Adventurous gameplay. Keep going, break walls, collect coins, destroy allies, float on balloons and a lot more fun stuff is coming your way in this game.

Does it resembles to any another famous game? The answer is Yes and I am talking about the famous game Super Mario. The way it bounces and breaks the wall with his head, collecting coins, jumping on allies to kill them will bring back the Mario memories.

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Super Phantom Cat 2 is a strong versatile game. It won’t brush your socks off, however in the event that you can coexist with its delicate pace and installment structure then you’ll more than likely grin completely through it. It’s an interesting game, even though it is not unique, but there is something fun about that keeps you hooked on.

Moving on towards the Controls, everything is organized, and the straightforward controls are sufficiently smooth. There are battles, levels that blend things up a bit. It uses three catches to control left and right alongside hopping. But the controls are not fully responsive and need some improvement. Hopefully the developers will work on removing the glitches.

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Super Phantom Cat 2 is available for downloading and playing, however there are a lot of approaches to spend some cash. The game has a tight economy, including a vitality framework which will exhaust with each level you play, a hard money of uncommon blue jewels, and more typical gold coins going about as a delicate cash.

Lets add up coins. Appreciatively there are no fly up advertisements, yet you can watch video promotions to twofold your gold coins toward the finish of a level.

So, easily download it from the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store. So buckle up and set on a journey to rescue Ina.

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