Stone Age Solitaire - A Classic Card Game Available for Android

Hello amigos! I am back with another fantastic game that will keep you hooked on for hours with its amazing gameplay. I have for you a card game with an intriguing twist. Kungfu mahjong® solitaire are back with their new card game called Stone Age Solitaire – A Classic Card Game Available for Android. They have also developed several notable solitaire games in the past.

Stone Age Solitaire 2

Moreover, this is not just another card game with a old boring gameplay. What makes it different is that Stone Age Solitaire is the classic card game accompanied by a small farm. Go ahead and play more than 400 puzzles and manage a small farm by feeding the animals and taking care of them.

If you still haven’t downloaded this free game then you’re missing out on a lot of fun. Stone Age Solitaire is now available on the Google Play Store so go ahead download it right now to experience the fun yourself. You can also read Oxi Detailed Review about this game to know all about it.

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