Time to push your limits, and test all your capabilities to see how far you can go for survival, as the fight for survival has begun. Gear up to fight opponents in fierce battles where only one of the 5 players can make out alive. Could you be that last man standing?

Still Alive is a third person action game which was recently released by Funterwhere 5 players are thrown into a battle arena and only one can survive. Do you have what it takes to be that last person standing, strategy alone will not win it this time!

To survive in the game, and to kill your strong opponents, you are going to need special skills. Be warned the game is by no means a walk in the park, as it’s not easy to be the last one standing especially when the opponents are just as tough as you are. So, collect all the gears scattered in the game while you are trying to go for that headshot, so you can bring the opponents down using your unique skills.

Well, well, well, the characters of the game take the whole experience to a whole new level as all the heroes in the game are lethal, and the choice makes you scratch your head. All the heroes are unique and powerful in their own way, so don’t forget to check all their abilities before finally calling out one.

Still Alive Characters

Silent Hunter? Machine Elite? or PyroManiac – decisions, decisions! All heroes possess unique abilities, so equip yourself with beast’s bow. Shooting is a skill that requires delicate control but can be deadly if you are a master and you hit the opponent with a headshot, infrared sensor that lets you see the enemies’ movement behind the obstacles. Ghost suit lets you hide from the enemies, and lastly the sniper rifle, a lethal weapon to destroy your opponents. But wait, these are just the abilities of one of your heroes, the other two differ and can be even lethal so don’t forget to analyze and choose.

However, the game control system isn’t my favorite, or maybe it’s going to take me more time to get a hang of it but there are quite a few buttons at your disposal here. Swipe right or left on the screen to change your view. Move in the game using the direction keys. Tap on the sprint icon to sprint in the game and to attack the enemies, simply aim at the enemy using your crossbow, and shoot!

Still Alive Gameplay


Moving to the tips to not get yourself killed in a bid to survive – the game provides you the detailed basics of how things work, a feature most games lack, but Still Alive has surely nailed this one. Learn the game guide within the game on how to survive battles, use the skills different heroes possess, so that’s one less excuse for you to lose battles now.

Once you set off on the journey as a beginner, the game provides you with an option to join the training mode to master your skills, or to jump straight into the Quick Match mode to test your abilities. Choose wisely, and give it your all.

Just learning the basics of survival will earn you plenty of rewards like cash, coin, medicine, and bow parts. Collect different gears in the game to unlock the craft skills and other skills that will come in handy, when you are trying to survive.

Still Alive Rewards

Still Alive may be yet another survival game but the gameplay is nothing like Battle Game Royale, or Durango: Wild Lands. Here, you are not only fighting for survival, but you are looking to outdo the other players, and that’s exactly what gives survival a twist. Download the game from Google Play Store right away and see how far you can go without getting killed.


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