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Say hi to the best stickman experience that Homecooked Games have put together in their New Release Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior. The game is furnished in the stick figures tradition of Stick Fight, trying to bring same marvel but with a little more punch in it. There are many added features along with an intriguing storyline to make audience fall in love with the character and feel his dilemma.

This is not the first stickman game that we have encounter so far; games like Stickman Ghost 2 have already leveled up the same tradition in leaps and bounds. Although, the overall look of both the games is almost the same but the level of difficulty and missions incorporated vary immensely.

Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior Vs Stickman Ghost 2: Galaxy Wars

While Stickman Ghost 2: Galaxy Wars is based upon star wars, Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior has, comparatively, simple and straight concept. The fight is not about saving the worlds but an expedition to become the best of the best Shadow Warrior.

The former game by Unimob withholds many stages and in each one you must defeat the enemy which also is quite easy in contrast to the game by Homecooked. Stickman Ghost 2, evidently, withholds all the missions based on galaxy wars and the biggest difference that the game withholds is its controls.

The graphics and overall look might be the same but the Stickman Ghost 2 provides more options on controls. It’s up to you to select whether to punch down the enemy or slash him with a weapon to put an end to his life. Moreover, there are separate buttons to kick and jump so all in all the control options are extensive in the game while in Stick Fight you only need to worry about tapping the character left and right and the character does all the other work himself.

To conclude the argument we can claim that both the games are quite alike but at the same time they possess many features that make them extensively variant.

Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior – Gameplay & Walkthrough

The Simple Story

There is a young stickman fighter in the game that you must assist to fight his battles. He is on a simple mission to become the Shadow Warrior. His journey is hard and ruthless, filled with enemies from his past and also from present. The question is if you would be able to help him in completing his journey and earning the black belt that he requires to become the ultimate Shadow Warrior.

The Gameplay Mechanism

The game is simple yet filled with many interesting twists and turns. Each game or stage is based upon completing various missions that are mentioned on top of the screen. The main goal in Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior is to achieve the required belt that you get after accomplishing all the mentioned tasks. Once you are done with them, you will be put forward to next mission withholding various other tasks to complete and get another belt of higher rank. All you have to do is to keep killing the enemy and earn plentiful rewards.

The Mission to kill the Foe

The missions may include, earning coins and points by killing the enemy. The key here is to sustain longer in the game. However, that isn’t an easy task! Bear in mind that you cannot just kill the enemy just upon seeing him. There is a trick here! You must focus on the small black dots under the enemy stickman. As soon as these black dots turn white you must attack and kill him. Attacking the enemy before it reaches you or prior the dot turns white would work against you and instead of you killing the enemy, you will be attacked in return. That’s not what you want! So, be wise and efficient!

The game is infused with different kinds of enemy; some bear dangerous weapons (who are comparatively harder to kill) and some of them are bare hand. Keep your focus on completing and crossing out your missions and try to fight for as long as you can.

The Arsenal of Powerful Weaponry

What’s even more exciting is that the game is filled with great weaponry. There are various items suitable for perfect hack and slash experience. Head Smasher, Thunder Fury and Ponchaxe are few of the killer weapons that you will get a chance to play with.

However, you need to unlock these items or win these as rewards upon accomplishing different missions that you are appointed with. Not to mention, weapons are extremely imperative to win against the intimidating enemy. So, either keep on winning the game to unlock more and more arsenal or buy various weapons for real money and enjoy slashing your foe.

Stats, Leaderboard and Shop

You can check your character stat in settings and can also visit shop where you can buy more coins for real money. Although Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior could not be played in PvP but it still provides a leaderboard where you can see your current position in the game as compared to the online players from around the world. So, work as hard as you can and rule the leader board by making highest scores.

All in all, Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior withholds great lengths to it; it contains fierce battling system along with impressive arsenal of weapons to keep you entirely indulged in it. So, download the game for the nifty experience from the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes that too for free and find out about your favorite Action Games on our site.

Remember, kill the enemy and be the ultimate Shadow Warrior!

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