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Well, there is a new space adventure waiting for you in a strategy based game that is developed by Gamegou Limited in Space Commander. The game is just superbly crafted; I just fell in love with everything that this game has offered. The gameplay is thrilling, infused with combats and battles that create an adrenaline rush for the players.

Moreover, the graphical quality in the game is just amazing along with the simplest controls which are extremely easy to learn. Nevertheless, there is much more to it, so let us have a detail look at the gameplay of this wonderful game to explore its grandeur.

Space Commander – Gameplay & Walkthrough

The game might be the most precise and ultimate space war experience that I have so far witnessed. There are so many features infused in the game, making it one of the best. The main objective is to lead your fleet and team and fight the enemy to free the planet of evil monsters.

The battles are easy but needs you to adopt great strategies to defeat the foe. So, be wise and analyze how you need to attack the enemy. Moreover, keep on winning the battles and unlock many exciting and powerful heroes to lead in the battleground.

Also, make troops and have fun exploring the various modes in the game. also, there are various levels and challenges involved in each mode so trust me when I say that the players are going to have a lot of fun.

The Intense Battles

The battles arranged in Space Commander are quite intense and thrilling. There are number of heroes that are available for you to use in your battles, moreover, you will have a troop of your own which will fight alongside you in the game.

Just tap, drag and drop the character of your choice and destroy the enemy to accomplish your tasks. In addition, you can also use Snipe to attack the enemy from afar and help your troops.

The Thrilling Game Modes

When it comes to the game modes the options provided in the game are immense. The game holds numerous modes, such as; Adventure, Tournament, Fleet Space, Team Arena and Expedition. Each of these modes is based on various diverse features, providing different gameplay in each.

Adventure Mode

First mode that unlocks for you is Adventure mode; there are various stages involved in this mode such as, Exploration, Special Missions and Chaos battlefield. However, these stages are further divided into number of levels. Exploration includes; Flying Devil, Blood for Blood, Destroy the Hatchery and many more.

Heroes & Troops

There are various Heroes involved in Space Commander. These heroes many include; Connector, Guard, Tarza, Zeneta, Sakkara and Alnwick. All these character possess specific weapon and skills which can be upgraded with time. So, make sure to enhance their ability as you move along to wards the difficult stages.

Well, the troops may have many members in it. About ten characters can be added in the troops; possesses various skills and abilities and are based on various. So make an army of wonderful troop members and use them to destroy the enemy tactically.

Commander Mission & Daily Missions

Well, there are various milestones that you need to achieve in the game; there are number of missions that you must accomplish in order to win rewards. There are some daily missions that you need to complete along with certain commander missions that need your attention.


Keep on winning the battles and earn wide variety of useful items needed to upgrade your characters and to open many new adventures for you. Fill up your inventory and witness enhancing your game in Space Commander. Also, you have a choice to either use or sell these items and earn even better reward for it.

The Aesthetic Pleasure & Sleek Controls

Without any question, the graphics of the game are one of the most satisfying. They are rich and smooth and are clear enough t witness the beauty of the battles that you are involved in. In addition, the controls infused in the game are also quite pleasing. Although, there is not much effort involved when it comes to the controls but even then the quality and simplicity given to them is commendable.

How to Download

The game is undoubtedly has become one of my favorites Strategy Games to play so visit Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and install the space war fun straight to your life.

Happy gaming!

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