Space Commander is Out and Running

Hurrah! A new space adventure Space Commander is out and running on Android & iOS and by far it is one of the best galaxy war games that I have played. There is fun, action, strategy and above all the visual content of the game is also quite rich. The game is developed by Gamegou Limited and without a doubt they have put no limit on the extent of entertainment that they have established in this game.

Space Commander – Overview of the Gameplay

The overall impact of the game s just marvelous; the gameplay is intense with some awesome battles with one of the best strategic action features in it. Create a powerful team and explore their skills and abilities.

Moreover, there are 3 races involved in the game; Humans, Zec and Pyraza; all of which are diverse from each other but the goal for all remains the same, takeover the planets. There are various planets that you must explore possessing locations that will just bring the best out of a player.

So, read more about the game by reading the Review of Space Commander and also find more about Strategy Games on our site.

Nevertheless, Download Space Commander from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and embark on a journey that is filled with challenges.


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