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Good news has finally come for all FPS shooting games lovers; Mobile Gaming Studio Ltd has come up with one of the sleekest and most comprehensive action games of all times with the twist of first Person Shooting experience. Sniper Strike: Special Ops is a game that will, surely, give boost to your sniper skills and promises to bring forward a better experience than many other FPS games like Shadowgun Legends and Heroes of Warfare.

To know if the game really accomplishes all that it claims we must dig a little deeper into the gameplay and know how it goes. So, Let’s start our in-depth journey.

Sniper Strike: Special Ops – Gameplay & Walkthrough

Well what to say about this amazing game? I must admit, before playing this game I was a bit skeptical. I expected it be just another FPS game, claiming big and serving, absolutely, nothing new or even substantial to explore. However, my perception changed altogether and now I love playing this game.

The sleek and perfect graphics along with efficient weapon control is extremely pleasing. The modus operandi of the game is simple; you must kill the enemy, help your team members and accomplish all the variant tasks asked to be completed. That’s all!


The main objective in the game is to bring about end to an evil organization, Poseidon. All the tasks and errands in the game revolve around the demolishing the organization. The main target is to kill the head of Poseidon, Roth. Bring about peace and save the world of his dangerous plans.

The Exciting Game Modes

What’s thrilling is that you can play in three kinds of battles; Arena, campaign and PvP. All three game modes are extremely satisfying and interesting to divulge in and explore. Initially, only campaign is unlocked; however, as you level up in Sniper Strike: Special Ops other two modes open for you. Not to mention, you need to have an upgraded weapon and armor to participate in such multiplayer battles.

Moreover, each one of these modes withholds separate tasks for you to accomplish which would be mentioned before you hop on the fierce combat journey.

Campaign Mode

This mode is comprised upon Single player battles; you need to accomplish various missions based on multiple domains. You must unlock Rifle, shotgun, Machine gun, Pistol and Boss battles and play them to win more and more weapons and bonuses. Each of these withholds various tasks and missions for you to accomplish so be alert and quick to win more rewards.

PvP and Arena Mode

In PvP mode you play in competition with other players; accomplish more tasks than him and accomplish as many tasks as possible to outrun the opponent. In addition, Arena withholds multiplayer, you can make allies and find hostages and kill enemy alongside them to have more intense combats.

Maps and Areas

The developers have made this game more surreal by implanting various areas from around the world. You can explore new locations on map and clear them off of the enemy. You start your mission in North Sea and move on to London and Baghdad (which are still coming soon). The new and undiscovered areas on the map let the excitement rise and make you stay even more indulged in the game. I, absolutely, love every bit of this game!

The Zoom-in Shot

Zoom in option while attacking the foe is superb; the game has not taken aback in making you feel like you are living in a high quality movie. The zoom-in shooting mode makes it so much better and the slow motion last attack is crafted extremely well.

Upgrading and customization

Customization of the character and upgrading your arsenal is one of the most imperative tasks in Sniper Strike: Special Ops.  They decide your future and let you be part of bigger battles and combats.  The money you earn by winning these games make it possible for you to buy new weapons or upgrade the existing ones. You must keep on enhancing your weapons to unlock many more opportunities and tasks in the game for you.

As far as the character customization is concerned, the game has done a great job. There are multiple gears that you can win in the game; equip your character with better Armor Vest, Helmet, Strike Force Suit, Pads, Mask and Moreau. All of these can be upgraded and updated, so keep on raising the object level and have fun playing more fierce battles.

The Sleek Graphics and Weapon Control

Without a doubt, the visuals of this game are the best that I have ever encountered so far. The FPS mechanism coupled with such great graphics would just make your day. The next generation visuals are, probably, the most intriguing thing that the game possesses. So, I must say the overall look of the game is just SUPERB.

Although, the movement of the character is automated but the shooting control and zoom-in option still lies in your hand. You must move and aim at the target zooming in or out as per the need and shoot at the enemy once the target is set.

This seemed a little boring to me at first but once I used the controls, it just blew my mind. The controls are extremely smooth and you find no issue with not being able to move your character here and there. I just loved it!

OxiDroid Verdict

So, undoubtedly, Sniper Strike: Special Ops wins my vote; the game is well established with FPS features like no other game has and provides you with graphics that are extremely sleek and clear. Without further ado, Download the game now from the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and read all about your favorite FPS Games on OxiDroid.

Remember to shoot the enemy down!

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