Sniper Strike: Special Ops Gets a Massive Update

Aiming to bring the best cinematic gameplay experience, Sniper Strike: Special Ops gets a massive update by EightPixelsSquare. The unforgettable FPS journey forged in this amazing action game has, already, won our hearts and with it’s the latest update, the game is taking us further towards the blissful shooting expedition.

The game, undoubtedly, furnished a remarkable gameplay at first place but it is also important to explore the new update that it brings to excite the players. So, let’s dig into it!

Sniper Strike: Special Ops – The Latest Update

The new update brings great adventures for the players; not only the game has become even more fun but it also develops a close-to-reality AAA modern military FPS venture. The latest update includes a new and astonishing Zombie event ‘Undead Rising’ which brings out the best action packed situation for all the players.

Also, the update expands its hands for all the modes; be it single player or multiplayer. With the addition of 12 missions based on three exciting locations and four difficulty levels the gameplay gets even more entertaining. However, don’t forget to battle the zombies to escape their horde whilst rescuing civilians along with providing support and protection to Strike Force pals.

That’s not all about it, get exclusive Gears, Perk cards and Kill Chips along with premium currency and consumables as a reward in the game. There are six new and advanced weapons, five new loadout items and outfit pieces along with four perks for you to enjoy.

Well, update doesn’t stop there; there are new Vehicle PvP mode infused in the game in which all you need is to grab your Assault Rifle, and get into the vehicle to fight opposite the other online players in real-time.

In addition, with Dual Wield Pistols and Custom Bullet Skins the shooting journey becomes more cinematic and with the availability of new and exclusive Emoji Taunts to troll or praise your enemies the game gets even more thrilling.

Readout the Detailed Review on Sniper Strike: Special Ops and also get to learn about more Action Games on our site. Nevertheless, if you haven’t yet downloaded the game then visit Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and have fun playing this game on your devices.

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