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Smashy Duo is the new Arcade game by the Malaysian underdogs, Big Frost Games. The game itself is very simple but the gameplay is quite immersive. Although it may feel remedial to some players. It’s a fast paced game that keeps you on your toes.

Smashy Duo seems like a hybrid of the old time “Pinball” and the DOS game “Paranoid”, Moreover, controls are that of Pinball. The screen is divided into two halves. You are provided two heroes, akin to two levers of pinball.

Tapping the right side of screen makes the right hero swing his weapon and the tap on the left side will make the hero on left to swing his weapon to hit the ball. Ball then hits the zombies and rebounds back. Just like in Paranoid when the ball goes up and comes back after rebounding from the bricks.

Ball will either come to the left hero or the right spontaneously. The speed of rebound depends on the distance of zombie, if it hits a closer zombie, you will have minimum reaction time to hit back and if it hits the farthest zombie, you will have maximum reaction time.

Smashy Duo

You can also get special attacks by upgrading, it can do sort of AoE or chain damage to multiple zombies, resulting in a better score. This too is like Paranoid, where your ball gained special effects and broke or burnt multiple bricks in one go.

The controls are easy to learn and master making the game suitable for all age groups.
With each round you earn coins and you can use the coins to rescue heroes. Each set of heroes has different appearances and effects.

smashy duo

So, there is great cosmetic diversity due to the existence of around 60 heroes. You can upgrade up to 5 power ups for unique damage bonuses. As you keep playing, you unlock new monsters and stages, which keeps the spark in the game alive.

Graphics are not mind blowing but they are not half bad. Simple cartoonish art with attractive color schemes do catch the eye though. Graphic effects sometimes create a cluttering effect and a person may lose sight of the ball, distracted by the special effects.
Sound tracks are stunning and catchy. They complement the art and special effects and one really gets into the rhythm of the game. Such fast paced games are quite dependant on good sound track.

Smashy Duo also supports a Global Leaderboard, where you can see your standings or login via Facebook to challenge a few friends for high score. It also has an achievement system. So all in all, the game offers good competitive incentives.

The game does support Ads. Which is a big turn off for some players. You are in the middle of a game and all of a sudden an ad pops up. It’s quite infuriating but hey, the Devs have got to earn too. So can’t really complain, however, on the whole the game is not that bad.

Download Smashy Duo from Google Play or Apple iTunes store on the platform of your choice and give it a try! Bet you wont regret.

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