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SWORDS, FIGHTS & ALLIES! Woop Woop! Who’s up for a super fun battling adventure? Well, I have a game which is surely going to get you all engrossed in it with its addictive gameplay. Well if you a fanatic of sword battling and get a kick out of them then Slash of Sword Arena and Fights is the game you ought to get your hands on. Cherry on top, this Game also got an Update with new locations and new levels.

Created by LaLapp, the game is about sword fights and enraged conflicts with the enemies. As you can clearly guess by the name, Slash of Sword Arena and Fights is a mixture of battling in the field as opposed to killing rivals in the war. In any case, you will be astonished to realize that all the game modes accompany the word, Battle, however that shouldn’t try, considering the gameplay.

Slash of Sword – Arena and Fights GamePlay

Slash of Sword – Arena and Fights is a game which for the most part is centered around stepping up your character through sword battles. This game has an exceptionally remarkable idea along with delightful designs. Another amazing part is that this game is based on Smart Artificial Intelligence.

Slash of Sword Arena and Fights spins around a universe of sword contenders. You can begin your part by picking a decent sword from a progression of various swords. Since its about open world, you can wander around the towns and test the rivals in the fields. It is all about your choice, bud!

As the abilities develop by, you will witness yourself growing and evolving, hence making it to the fighters. The AI in the game is propelled, you can battle 1v1 or can look up to 10 opponents in the fights.

Game Modes

There are various gaming modes that are going to provide you  with an amazing gaming experience. Apart from the 1v1 other game modes incorporate Battle with few troopers, Picturesque fights, Boss fights and field fights. Notwithstanding the various game modes, the regular changing of climate and HD illustrations influence the game to seem genuine.

Main Features

The main features incorporated into this game are, upgrades, shop, achievements and leaderboards, which will make the game even more exciting. What’s more, there are battle fields as well as the place ou call your home where you can relax.

Shop Shop Shop

Shop is valuable for players to buy existing stuff thereby utilizing the first cash that they have to purchase garments and swords. What’s more, players can likewise purchase all garments and swords in this game.


The Leadersboard included is great for players taking a gander at the Leadersboard where various people are playing from all over the world. So players will see which score is most astounding practically consistently and where do they stand.


The achievements in the game show what the players have achieved in the game so far. So it is perfect for players who need to comprehend what they have done in this game.

So, wait no more and head over to the Google Play Store to get this game on your Android mobile devices right now!

Let the fun begin!

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