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The latest strategic experience by Seven Pirates is bringing storm in the gaming world. The overall gameplay of their new game is just mind-blowing and features infused in it are just out of the world. Sky Kingdoms definitely deserves to played as there unlimited adventure and fun invested in this amazing strategy game.

Not only the game is marvelous, but the graphics involved in the game along with the simple controls to handle makes it even more exciting to play. Let’s know more about the game in our detailed review of the game.

Sky Kingdoms – Gameplay & Walkthrough

Strategy games mostly seem to be complex and complicated; however, the game of Sky Kingdoms is not all simple. There is need for you to understand the game and play it for a while to finally grasp the hold of it.

You need to perform multiple tasks in the game in order to move ahead. Construct your very own castle and keep on enhancing your kingdom by upgrading various locations in it. Also, visit the world map and attack various kingdoms or places on the map to take over the world to finally take over the throne of the Ode continent.

The Storyline

Well, the storyline of the game is quite intriguing. The Ode continent is under great distress; the lords are fighting amongst themselves to take the throne of the continent. However, you are the lord of floating kingdom in the maelstrom so now it is upon you to unite the continent and take over the throne to keep the peace.

The Quests

Sky Kingdoms requires you to perform multiple tasks in it. There are various quests that you must complete in order to earn many rewards in the game. There are tasks like upgrading certain building to specific level or to activate the building. Also, you must upgrade to hatch the dragon to take its help in attacking the other clans.

Not to mention, there are various kinds of quests that the player must complete, such as; Storyline, Daily Quests, Her Adventure and Faction Quests.

Unlocking Hero

There are multiple Heroes that are available in the game. Initially, you’d be able to unlock Alexander; however, as you keep on moving ahead in the game you will be able to unlock many more Heroes and then it’s up to you to choose the hero for each attack.

Troops Attack

You must remember to train your troops which are based in three variant categories, like; Infantry, Mechanic and Mage. Train them and make their performance shine and let them fight battles for you.

Once you have selected a castle to attack, the troops march towards it and uses all the power that it contains to take over the area. However, you will be the one to choose the hero to lead the troops along with deciding the number of troops members that you want to send for each attack.

Join Guild

You must join a guild in Sky Kingdoms to make your journey even better. By joining guild you can be the part of Rally Attacks and Rally Defenses. However, the guilds need to be managed and upgraded.

Explore or Sweep

Another fun element in the game is that you can either explore or sweep various chapters in the game can have more fun while playing the game.

World Map & Big Map

To aid you in a better form, there is a world map along with a big of the specific areas. The map guides you to attack the places with a strategic planning as it tells you the areas with low, middle and high tax rates. So, study the maps closely and decide where you want to attack next.


Each win or completion of task will get you numerous items as reward, there are items like; wood, iron ore, potions and many other things that you can use to boost up your gaming process. These items will also help in upgrading or activating the buildings that your kingdom possesses.

Not to mention, these items may be in the form of Power up, equipment, Resources and many other useful stuff.

Daily Rewards & Free Help

Don’t forget to log in the game daily and earn many daily rewards and keep on playing the game for more rewards like Monthly login and Link rewards. In addition, you can help other players for free so do participate in helping them so that they help you in your time of need.

The Graphics & Controls

The most satisfying things about Sky Kingdoms I sits graphics; they are rich, smooth and aesthetically pleasing. The quality of visual content used is just marvelous which makes the whole game more attractive and appealing t play.

The simple Controls of the game are another great thing about the game. The complicated and controls that lag turns the game into a burden but the smoothness of the controls infused in the game makes everything a lot better.

How to Download

Well, to play Sky Kingdoms all you need to do is visit Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and click on install. Also, visit our site for more on Strategy Games.

Have fun!

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