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Fasten your seat belts because you are going on a journey to a land far far away. Shrek’s Kingdom has been candied in Shrek Sugar Fever and he needs someone to end the sugar rush. But who’s going to save Shrek’s sugar-crazed friends in this puzzle saga? That’s right. It’s you!

Shrek Sugar Fever is a puzzle game by the developers Genera Games where you will travel through enchanted levels and pop some tiles to save a few lives from sugar fever. Vanquish the infamous villains and proceed to further levels to get some treats.

The gameplay of Candy Fever is pretty simple. The game will start with you popping up some similarly colored tiles to rescue Shrek’s friends to reach the top of the game board. Tap on the groups of blocks to remove them. Once you have tapped on the similar colored candies, those candies pop and disappear causing the surrounding tiles to fall in their places. What you have to do is to rescue Shrek’s friends by bringing them to the bottom. Win the game by rescuing Shrek’s friends, clearing the blocks. Moreover you can earn scores and clear the percentage on the board, and proceed further.

Shrek Sugar Fever Vanquish villain

In the initial levels, you will only focus on rescuing your friends and not destroying the candies but as you move up the levels in the game, you will need to smash candies to charge the power up. Inner candies need to be matched to destroy the tiles. A counter on the candies on the left side of your screen shows the rows you cannot see and they will appear once the already present ones have disappeared.

Shrek Sugar Fever Power Ups

Different candies yield different power-up. Tap on those tiles to release the power-up. Some tiles destroy the entire column while some destroy all candies of the same color. The chocolate tile destroys all the chocolate layers and the candy with arrows destroys all the candies surrounding it helping you to rescue your friends.

The game comes in three modes. In Candified mode, Shrek’s companion Donkey will candify the tiles and transform them into chocolate to disrupt your progress. In companion mode, you will be able to use donkey’s power ups as well. In the boss mode, Farquaad will transform normal tiles into unbreakable cake obstacles.

After you have cleared the level one, you will get a Welcome pack with a new skin, 100 coins and extra lives. You can also choose armor for your character Shrek as well. You can turn the armor option on or off in the game settings on the top right of your screen.

What’s even better is that you can also connect the game on your Facebook to compete with your friends and challenge each other so you can gain a new social experience too. There are more than 150 levels where you have to uncast the spell. The challenges are different in each level so the game never feels stale and there’s always a new challenge. The game is easy to play but like all brain games, it’s hard to master completely.

Shrek Sugar Fever

In a nut shell, the game is not only perfect for quick few minutes of entertainment but these brain games also help the kids in training their brains as challenging games make parts of the brain more active, and these brain teasers make the mind more sharp, and slow the decline of dementia. Although Shrek Sugar Fever does not offer anything different from the match three puzzles already floating in the Android and iOS market, its graphics and fun gameplay make the experience worthwhile so Download the game from Google Play Store now for a Shrektacular gaming experience.

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