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The topsy-turvy world full of chaos, and uncertainty needs some order, would you accept the challenge? It’s time to fight chaos and bring life to fragmented shards with the latest puzzle adventure called SHAPES. In this fun brainteaser, it’s you against the chaos one level at a time.

If you love brainteaser games, then you are in luck as Infinity Games have recently come up with an amazing game to bring order to the fragmented reality. Shapes is all about combining the scattered fragments and creating art out of them. Interesting isn’t it?

Interestingly enough, the Infinity Games know when the gamers are craving a soothing game, and they come up with an Infinity game like no other. This game is a sequel to the most trending puzzle game Loop, where you create intricate loop patterns in a simple concept.

Shapes Review, Gameplay, and Walkthrough

Like all the other games by the developers, they have kept this game minimal and clean as well. It’s a simple game that helps you ease up, improve your focus, and attention levels.

Say “NO” to the stress, and enjoy the shapes. In Shapes, now you have a whole new collection of infinite levels to play that are carefully built to provide you moments of joy and relaxation. The basics are the same from the main game of Infinity Games; there are numerous fragments, and you have to create perfect artwork out of it.

The goal is simple – create perfect shapes. The game dynamics are pretty simple to grasp, and just a couple of levels will let you get hang of the game. You only have to worry about the numerous fragments that are scattered in a haphazard manner, and you have to rotate them left, right, and center to connect them. Once the shape is formed, you will know as the neon lights light up.

The core concept is rotate all the individual shards, until a piece of art is created. The game offers a number of possible permutations so you have every opportunity to play around, and apply logic.

Once the neon lights are on, it’s your cue to jump to the next level to beat chaos there. Round after round, you will win endless battles to submerge in the soothing game experience.

Infinity Games likes to keep it infinite

Infinity Games likes to keep it infinite. The game provides infinite levels to enjoy a fun, relaxing experience. Another feature I loved is that the game features endless levels, and you don’t have to play the same level twice. Are you ready for endless fun?

No time limit!

As we do realize that everyone has their own pace to solve puzzles, and time is not a measure of intelligence, the game developers have specifically removed the time constraints, unlike other puzzle games, so take your time, and fight the disorder.

Save your game progress!

Connect to the game center to save your progress instantly on the game app. This way, you would be able to resume the game from where you stop playing it in one session, without worrying about losing your score.

Enchanting game graphics!

The soothing and interstellar ambiance of the game gets even better as the graphics are enchanting, and deliver a pleasurable sensation. The game animation is seamless, and the colors are well regulated, creating an engaging adventure for you all out there. Moreover, there are no distractions for you when you play, thanks to the easy interface.

Unlimited Free Levels!

Enjoy the unlimited game levels for free, as you don’t have to pay a buck to enjoy the game. However, if you want to sail smoothly through the levels without watching any ad, then you might have to pay a few bucks.

In a world full of chaos, Shapes is a breath of fresh air. The immersive game environment not only challenges you, but also challenges your logical skills, and encourages the creative cells in you.

So, say good bye to the stresses of life, and dive in. The game is now available on Google Play Store so if you want to enjoy an endless relaxing experience, download it right away. Cheers!


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