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Have you ever had the chance to skate before? If not, Shadow Skate is your chance to do so. Time to challenge your real power; explore the city with shadow skater, jumping over the roof to climbing new heights to passing the hurdles, shadow skater gives you a real time experience of skating and not only that it improves your reflexes thus skating ability.

You are a kick-flip away from getting addicted to our favorite skating game. Test your reflexes as you skate down modern cities and along skyscrapers roofs with the latest game from Candy Mobile. Shadow Skate is an Arcade skating and running game that features a town landscape where you will navigate sky scrapers, forests, parks, and night clubs as you try to avoid the shadows. Avoid the obstacles in the game and collect coins. Speed up through the different hurdles, jump through them carefully and crouch to get through different levels.

Shadow Skate

The game features 4 beautiful skate park environments where you can show your maneuvers and show your skills. It also offers 40 challenging levels with realistic physics and stunning shadow art graphics. Watch out for the hurdles and you will get hang of the game and know what obstacle you are going to face next.

The game controls are impressive, and user friendly but you are going to need a lot of practice to be the master of the game. When the game begins, you will get the how-to-play guide on your screen to save you the trouble.  Tap to choose level and begin playing the game. The game has a super easy control system where you have triggers on the bottom left and right on the screen. To squat through different hurdles, tap the Arrow Down control whereas the Arrow Up is used to jump over the hurdles.

Shadow skate gameplay

While you are displaying your maneuvers and rushing though the hurdles, don’t forget to collect some rewards for you. The rewards include gold coins and stars. Collect different articles from the game after every level along with the daily bonus in dollars that awaits you. The number of rewards depend upon your performance during the game like how well did you accelerate through the obstacles. Although no time period is given in the game to complete the obstacles but at the end of each game, you will get rewards for completing the obstacles within the 30 seconds given time or within 40 seconds given time so there’s no time to sit back and relax, your time matters.

Shadow Skate Squats

On your skate field, you will find different collectibles as well such as Dollars and other hidden items that you would like to use in the advance stages to upgrade. Use some tools to clear certain levels like you can get yourself a magnet for 200 dollars (dollars you earn in the game, obviously), some additional time for 500 dollars and the game will provide you a guide for 2000 dollars. On a positive note, If you fall over an obstacle, you can revive at last check point so you don’t have to start the game all over again.

Shadow Stake maneuvers

Challenge your sportsman spirit. If you are just as intrigued about the game as us, get it on Google Play Store now to flip and skate through different landscapes.

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