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Hello there everybody! Are you ready to be indulged in a game where you can have your own café with hundreds of dishes that you can serve to people? Happy Cafe is a game developed by Nordcurrent which will make you fall in love with its Game Play with immersive graphics on offer.

If you ever wanted to have your own restaurant & serve people using your incredible culinary skills then this game is definitely the one for you. Happy Cafe has a very simple game play with easy tasks yet it keeps on getting a little tricky as you keep on upgrading and move forward. You will get to see a small café when you first start the game which just a few appliances for the beginners. You will be guided with the on-screen instructions for every new thing when you start the game and you’re just a beginner. This way you will get a whole lot idea of the game and you will be able to play it on your own.

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You can build a small farm for your gourmet items by growing various ingredients into your own garden. This way you can get all your ingredients for your food from your own farm which is a healthy way and customers can trust you with their food blindly. There will be various kinds of food items that you can serve your customers which also include international cuisines like American, Japanese, Italian and a lot more. You can explore various recipes and get to learn them, this way they will be added to your menu and the customers can order them easily.

There will also be having various tasks which you need to complete in order to earn amazing rewards which might include appliances, rewards or something related to your café which will be very useful. Happy Cafe is a time management game which means you will have to be quick with the customers and provide them with their order on time. You also have to keep a check on the ingredients so they don’t run out, even if they do make sure to plant them at the right time and get them before a customer orders something.

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You have to work a lot on the café and make necessary upgrades as soon as possible and bring in a lot of new things which might attract your customer and make the service much better. A great ambiance is equally as important as the good food which will make the customers want to visit more and provide them a comfy environment. You can also keep a check on your friend’s score by connecting your account to the Facebook account. You can also share your scores and exciting stuff about your café which will let your friends know what you’re up to.

Happy Cafe is a free game which is like a cherry on top because of the amazing game play. You can download this game from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store easily and make the most out of it. So, what are you waiting for? Download this game right away and show your management and culinary skills by proving yourself in this game. Good luck!

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